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2/27/2020 4:34 am  #1

I had a choice this morning... Positive vs Negative reaction.

Nothing like going to bed and leaving the back/side door unlocked.I moved into this flat only a month ago, and have two doors out. The front goes into the communal hallway and the other from the kitchen leads straight outside.So, I woke this morning to find I had gone to bed and left it unlocked all night. Try the handle and it would have opened.I could have got up and realised and panicked. But what would have been the point? Worrying over what might have been.On the same note, I could have woken up and started berating myself for my stupidity. I'm on the edge of a town, in a built-up, long main road. The courtyard opens straight onto the road at the side. But why would I want to? What would be the point? I don't beat myself up.As I live alone, there was no-one else to realise or to moan or nag at me for it. Just me, and I am not going to start moaning and nagging at myself.Instead, I congratulated myself for realising it was left open this morning. I'm not planning on using it today, so could have been left open two nights.I gave thanks that it wasn't an overly windy night here as if unlocked the door tends to fly open as the wind hits us.I also gave thanks to the fact that I woke up. The flat was still all in one piece. I was alive, and no one had been in, whilst I slept.Then lastly I gave thanks to the fact that I'm aware of my emotions and reactions to life.I was able to see how I reacted, and I know at one point in my life, I would have been the moaner or the worrier.This morning, I laughingly called myself a womble, knew it was all ok, and no harm was done, and decided to write about it.So which reaction is better for me?Which will help me stay up in my good vibe zone better?Moaning at myself, worrying about the what could have been, or laughing it off, and thanking myself?This is a brilliant case of making a positive out of a negative. You see you haven't got to look far. Just treating myself differently and thanking myself makes all the difference.It's so important to watch your reactions. I could have either started the day with stress, anger at myself or worry, or started it with a laugh and a never mind attitude. I certainly know which I prefer!Β 

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