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2/26/2020 9:35 pm  #1

I need some advice on Manifesting!!

Hi Veronica,

5 months ago my specific person  and I went from needing space for his personal issues to friends with benefits to friends. Then after that he started talking to some girl which in 2 months left him. We have always been in contact ever since and we did not break up for anything due to the relationsship it self. He enjoyed being free and kept it that way. We have been always been in contact everyday and I am trying to manifest a new beginning with him but I get conflicted because I have always had contact. Recently it’s gotten better but it’s hard because we also see eacother during the week. He comes to my house and we go to the beach together. Also in these months it’s crazy because if I talk to a guy it doesn’t work out and if he talks to a girl it doesn’t work our either but he hasn’t given me the second chance. I have been following your videos and steps but I get confused when I have such direct contact !

Thank you πŸ™πŸ½


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