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2/26/2020 3:41 pm  #1

Should I Stay or Go? Can I Manifest My SP While I'm In A Relationship?


Thank you for letting me join your forum.  I am a huge fan of Veronica and her YouTube videos always help me to raise my vibration.  I am familiar with Abraham Hicks too.  

My two questions are in the subject line really!  I am in a long term relationship that I am unsure whether to stay in or leave.  Most of Veronica's work focuses on getting our SP, but can we also use it to ask for help relating to making decisions about whether to stay or go?  

My other question is, can we attract someone while we are already in a relationship with someone else?  I think my resistance to doing so is because it feels morally wrong.  But it also feels scary to leave the relationship, which does have several positive components.  (Though I no longer think there are enough to make me want to advance the relationship, even though on any given day I'm happy to rumble on with it a bit longer.  I'm not SAD in the relationship, I'm just not sure that I want to be tied to it for life.  But then ending it seems drastic!)  I have been hoping for some kind of defining information either way, or sign or wrongdoing by my partner to help me come to a decision easily and without pain!  I hear a lot about how we can attract our SP if THEY are in a relationship.  Can we also do it if WE are in a relationship?  

Is there a way that I can manifest some sort of clarity on what to do?  An outcome that will be easy and painless?  That I will feel sure about and happy with, whether that be staying or leaving?  That might even leave options open for changes to future circumstances, etc?  

I have asked similar on an Abe Forum, but I love Veronica's work and I think maybe I will get even more focused guidance on here.  

I am doing plenty of focusing on myself, getting happy in all other aspects of my life.  It's just been a while since I heard from my ex and I'm getting so tempted to reach out to him, but at the moment when we speak I feel held back because of my existing relationship.  (My current partner knows I contact my ex and gave his blessing for me to do so, because he knew the no contact situation was not right for me.  But he obviously wouldn't want me declaring my undying love or things like that!)  

I'd appreciate some advice.  And if Veronica sees this, I'd love to know on a YouTube video whether it is possible to attract someone if you're already in a relationship, or whether it's best to leave one relationship first.  I've never seen a video about the 3rd party being that way around!  (Don't be too specific about my situation though if you do address the question in a video, please!)

Many Thanks

Little Lottie 



2/27/2020 3:52 am  #2

Re: Should I Stay or Go? Can I Manifest My SP While I'm In A Relationship?

Are you wanting to line up someone so that you aren't alone if you finish the current relationship? 

Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

2/27/2020 4:22 am  #3

Re: Should I Stay or Go? Can I Manifest My SP While I'm In A Relationship?

Hi PrettyFlamingo

No.  In fact I enjoy my own company and a quiet, selfish life rather too much!  I worry about finishing the current relationship because it seems very drastic and I suppose I wonder if I will regret it one day.  I like spending some time with him.  I like some of the things we do together.  He's a really good man.  I just find that on the weekends or in my free time, I'd often rather stay home doing my own thing than go see him.  I'm not sure we bring out the best in each other.  Plus, the idea of seeing him, and only him, and going on ahead with things like getting a place together and marriage, seems as drastic as a breakup.  On any given day it's all a bit too good to walk away from, but not quite good enough to be sure about.  I think unless there is some kind of reality where I can have the bits I like of being with him AND have some bits of my ex (and maybe other people too), I'd like my feelings to move from this centre ground in one direction or the other.  I'm unsure how to proceed, vibrationally or in real world action.  

I noticed I didn't make it clear in my original post - I still have strong feelings for my ex.  I've never really gotten over him, even though I've managed to live a perfectly satisfactory life without him, and I've always felt that we would be together one day.  Throughout long periods of time and other relationships, my mind always comes back to him. 

Many Thanks

Little Lottie 

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