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2/25/2020 11:35 pm  #1

Question about how to manifest !!! Specific person

I have been following all the steps on manifesting in specific a new beginning with my person of 3yrs.  We ended things on good terms it just fell out because of his personal issues and after that he wanted to be free to work ok his things. The problem is I’m trying to manifest this new beginning but my person still contacts me multiple times daily and always wants to see me 2 times a week. I do not know if this is good leading up to being romantic again or it’s nothing !!   I do not know what to do


2/26/2020 12:18 pm  #2

Re: Question about how to manifest !!! Specific person

I would feel you are on his mind and try to set the standard of what happens when you are together.  But, sounds like the start of positive changes to me xxoo

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