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2/24/2020 4:43 am  #1

Being both your oldest self and your youngest self...

Right at this moment, you are older than you have ever been before. But then you are also younger than you will ever be in the future.
Make every moment count. Now is the time to make that decision to enjoy every day as both your oldest self and the youngest self.
As your oldest self, you've learnt plenty of life lessons along your way. As your youngest self, you have new lessons to learn, new happiness to enjoy and new memories to make.
As your oldest self, you know you've made a lot of life choices. Some right and some wrong.
As your younger self, learn from this. You make your own choices and decisions. Make sure you feel happy and comfortable with them. If not then leave them be.
As your oldest self, you've become the person you are right here and right now. As the youngest self of you, you can still choose to be whoever you want to be.
Go back and look on your life so far as your older self. Now look to your future with anticipation as your youngest self.
As your oldest self, you have been in charge of your own life. You may have simply forgotten this though. As your youngest self remember this fact. You are in charge of your life, your happiness and where you are heading next.
As your oldest self, congratulate yourself to getting to the point in life where now you can say it's your youngest selves turn now to build the rest of your future just as you want it.
I could go on but... Just sayingΒ β™₯️

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Much love x


6/28/2023 3:12 pm  #2

Re: Being both your oldest self and your youngest self...

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