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2/13/2020 1:29 pm  #1

Pesky Law of Attraction Distractions and Tips for avoiding/dealing

Hey everyone. A few days ago I asked if there was any particular law of attraction subject you would like to ask me about. Getting in ideas of what sort of thing you would like to read about.Anyway I got asked for help of avoiding stinkin' thinkin' (their words and I love them), from basically interfering with law of attraction. Distracting them from practising things to enhance the law of attraction. Making them lose their focus.So, I started writing and I came up with a lot to write about in the end. So much I decided to write it over two posts. This one is about those pesky distractions, and the second one, is tips for avoiding/dealing with them.Hope you enjoy =1em

Part one -
and Part two -

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