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1/07/2020 7:58 am  #1


I have this huge crush on a person from my friend group I have never liked someone as much as I like them, I have liked the for almost two months now, but a month ago I made the mistake of telling people who I thought then that were my friends about my crush, they started telling me about how that person has a crush on someone else from my friend group and how I should move on from them but I couldn't therefor I was honest with my so-called friends and told them the truth, the fact that I couldn't move on and that I might actually have real feelings. it was then when I discovered the law of attraction and I went into this hole of watching videos after videos and reading about it a lot. while I was practicing the affirmations and mediations things were semi-okay between me and her. all of a sudden my crush started to act weird and I asked around and found out that she knows about my feelings. One of my friends had told her and that she feels uncomfortable around me since she only saw me as her friend. I then explained to our common friend that I really don't want a relationship since I am okay with her just being in my life which I really was and still am. things were pretty awkward but the time didn't feel right to talk to her about it so I kept quiet and acted as if I knew about nothing, a week later my so-called friends started to act weird around me, avoiding me and ignoring me and making me feel left out. I had an incident that proved they were acutely leaving me out on purpose, that day I received a text from one of my friends telling me about how that I'm making my crush uncomfortable and that it made them uncomfortable as well and that how I should move on and change because I complain too much which I don't think that I do because I only talk to those who I view close which were one or two persons from that group, they told me that I am annoying my crush so much that she doesn't want me around. I believe that all of this is hearsay, I know she is uncomfortable with the situation as I am but not me personally because she is super nice and we talk normally it's just when we hang out with that group, things start to feel awkward as we both feel pressure from them. me to move on and her to distance her self so I could move on. With everything that's happening I still strongly feel like things are going to work out between us, I don't know if it's a sign or that I'm delusional, I really feel like we need to talk to clear as now it has become a he said\she said kind of situation and other parties are getting too involved. Now that you know the whole story my question is do I talk to her and clear things out and tell her I have moved on? so that we could stay friends or do I stay quiet and let things flew and things are still really awkward and is my manifestation really working ? or am I imagining it and i should work harder? 


1/07/2020 9:23 am  #2


I am going to be lazy and refer you to another thread:

In particular, read the very last post by Cynthia. I am being lazy by copying it, but it is the most important thing you need to know, all contained in the last post. 

None of all the other stuff you have said in your post matters. You need to focus on you, what you want, live in the end (read all of Cynthia's post to get the meaning).

I would advise against talking about this with your mates, and just get on with life with them. 

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