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12/24/2019 10:20 am  #1

Manifesting My Love - An ongoing Journey

Like many other people, I discovered the Law of Attraction and the power of the universe while searching online for "how to get your ex back" techniques and stories when my love and I broke up. My love (I do not like saying the word ex because I do not want to think of him as such) and I broke up in August and I found LOA towards the end of September but did not really fully believe or practiced it until October. We have been long distance for almost a year (my love enlisted in the army) when we broke up and been together total almost 4 years. I didn't realize during the time leading up to the break up and afterwards that I was filled with so much hurt, anger, neediness, and resentment especially because we've been together for almost 4 yours and he chose to end it with me. At one point leading up to the break up, I even told him that he was my ONLY source of happiness! Like what the hell was I thinking saying that and feeling that?! My fears, insecurities, and neediness came into fruition and manifested into the break up. Of course this fool isn't my only source of happiness! I create my own happiness for myself! As of now, I have chosen to let go of all the anger and resentment I had towards him and only send him love as much I can. I utilize many of self love meditation videos to help me stay positive and persistent. I especially love hearing LOA success stories especially on days when I don't feel my vibrations are that high and need some hope. I know that at some point or another, everyone feels that their love coming back to them is impossible. I still have moments when I feel like that but after watching some videos and meditation, I quickly reprogram my thoughts back to my love and living from the end result. My true gut feeling really is that we are not over and that we are going to be together but sometimes it's hard for me to stay persistent, especially when I see minor setbacks in this current physical reality. I know that I am the creator of my reality and everything is possible. All I need to do is ask, believe, and I shall receive. The universe takes care of the "how" for me and I just need to let go of the desire and let it happen. I still struggle with impatience sometimes, especially when I feel like I am experiencing minor breakthroughs with my love (which leads me to believe omg this is the moment when my manifestation is coming true??) and sometimes lose faith when I experience minor setbacks (like my love not responding for weeks at a time). I manifest signs (repeated numbers and things that remind me of him) on a daily basis and I have such vivid dreams about us together. I had a dream early this morning that he proposed to me. This is a good thing. That means my subconscious knows and understands my inner most wants and that will translate into this physical reality. I know that the universe isn't giving me these signs but rather I am the one manifesting them. If I am able to manifest these small signs daily then surely I am able to manifest him back in due time. We had no contact for the first month of breaking up and had sporadic texts here and there. He called me one night in October when he was back in town and he broke down crying and telling me how much he loved me from the bottom of his heart, how amazing I am, how sorry he was, and that I was everything he could ever ask for but yet we still did not end up getting back together like I hoped. I believe because I was still needy for him and did not fully find happiness within myself yet. Since then I have been trying to make myself a priority by loving myself and continuing to do things that make me feel good (like going to the gym and going out with friends) and discovering new activities that empower me (such as pole fitness - such a good abs, core, arms, and legs workout! I would highly recommend for anyone). I know that I do not need him to be happy but rather want him because I love him and I know for a fact that he loves and misses me (as he told me time and time again) and that we make a good team and balance each other out. The last text conversation we had (3 weeks ago) was light and friendly which I thought was going to lead to more frequent communication between us (I was not even focused on any conversation about our relationship at all) but again he stopped responding. One weekend he actually called me twice (one at 3:33am and 4:00am). I was asleep and didn't call back until the next day and he never responded and I just left it alone and kept on my affirmations and meditations.  Yesterday I just experienced another minor set back. I cried and then moved on with my day. I really have been feeling good lately and really really thought that this week will be the week all my desires will manifest into this physical reality but now I have small droplets of doubts. I will keep persisting and ignore this current reality but sometimes it's hard to do so. I know that the end result is us happily married and in love. I visualize us waking up in the morning with his arms wrapped around me. I smile and look down at our hands intertwined together and see my beautiful engagement and wedding rings on my left hand. He kisses my forehead and says "morning, beautiful" like he usually does.  Everything that happens from now until then are just bridges to get me to that specific desired end result even if I do not get the call or text that I want now for my own petty reassurance. I have to believe that the universe is doing things behind the scenes to make that happen even if I do not see the physical result of that now with my own two eyes. I do not talk to my family or friends about the full extent of my LOA experience because I do not think they will understand and will only cause more blocks although I know I really am my own biggest subconscious block. I just want to share my story out there because I know there are so many others that can relate. It gives me comfort to know that I am not alone and hopefully my story can give others the same comfort.  I fully intend to be a success story and to give others hope when they feel things are impossible for them and will give an update when that happens! I intend to fully drop the desire of any need and desperation for my love to come back and only send out good vibes and positive thoughts and continue to just be ******* happy and joyful! It is going to happen! I will always get what I want because the universe will always deliver for me.


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