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12/13/2019 12:55 am  #1

Manifest ex back - it worked, but he's gone again -Need perspectives-

My SP has always struggled to figure out how he feels about me and about our relationship the first time round we dated, and that was probably the cause of our first break up. And then I started practicing manifestation, and the law of attraction, and let me tell you -Β the law of attraction totally works. I was able to manifest my SP back, and it happened almost exactly the way I visualized it. But then shortly after we started seeing each other again and going on dates (for about a month), he retracted, and wanted to end things for the same reason.

Here's the issue: my SP struggles with a lot of internal issues, some of the things he's brought up include self hate, depression, past traumas he's repressed and other things he says he needs to emotionally unpack. I'm aware that these things can cloud a person's judgement, question their feelings, dull their interest in things and more. My perspective is that he does really like me, but brain is too foggy to recognize what it is that he feels, and during our breakup he probably got a bit better emotionally, hence the reaching out and wanting to get back together. But now is in another depressive episode, hence the withdrawal and the lack of feelings again. I have this gut feeling that him and I are meant to work out someday, so I'm not too worried about manifesting our relationship, however if he doesn't resolve these personal issues first then I feel like they'll always be a hurdle in our relationship.Β 

My question is, what should I be doing in this case where mental health is involved? Usually emotional / mental issues take time to recover from, so if I manage to manifest him back within a short period of time, I feel like maybe that wouldn't be enough time for him to get better. Should I keep manifesting? I want the next time we get back together to be the final stop, not this back and forth thing.

Perspectives and advices are appreciated! Thank you


12/15/2019 2:29 am  #2

Re: Manifest ex back - it worked, but he's gone again -Need perspectives-

I'm in a similar situation with my SP, so I can sympathize.

One thing I'm trying to do is visualize her as being healed, or at least healed enough to be ready for a relationship and to be willing to tackle challenges together instead of allowing them to split us apart.

One thing to keep in mind I think, is that a lot of other people are in healthy, loving, and healing relationships while still having mental health struggles. They do take time to recover from, but there's no reason why your person couldn't still be with you while healing himself, and you can also be there to offer support where needed! It's kind of manifesting a win-win for both of you when you think of it that way.

You want him to be mentally healthy and happy with himself, so by all means manifest him healing too! but if it's a relationship you want to manifest with him, then don't see his internal struggles as something that's blocking it from happening. it's just something that is, and the relationship can happen regardless.


12/22/2019 12:26 pm  #3

Re: Manifest ex back - it worked, but he's gone again -Need perspectives-

I think, Self Love Meditations & Affirmations hghly recommended from me. This will make a change in yourself so that you will understand if that person is right for you. And you will attract ONLY person who's good for you higher good.Β 
Secondly do surrender to god / universe as per you believe.Β 
You will realise your mistakes / being needy / what's pushing him away by these two techniques. Focus on qualities you want is third step.Β 

That's it
Good luck !

Thanks & Love  ​
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1/12/2020 12:48 am  #4

Re: Manifest ex back - it worked, but he's gone again -Need perspectives-

I was in a similar space. I found that I would have saved much more time if I quickly started to work on myself, love myself and meet new people which gave me a fresh perspective. Now while I still miss my SP, I found many more who would want me as their SP.


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