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11/27/2019 7:52 pm  #1

What does PW and BWD stand for??

I was reading a good post that talked about visualization and they stated to do PW and BWD. I was just wondering what that is. If you know please share. Thank you


11/28/2019 4:04 am  #2

Re: What does PW and BWD stand for??

It is Pussy Whip and Burn with Desire, which are processes designed by Lanie Stevens (you'd have to research her). 

I read your earlier story and would suggest you research Neville Goddard. There are some Neville posts on the relevant sub-section here. Alternatively search for posts by Cynthia who has shared some YouTube links. I'm also copying a post below, which is not mine, but which has been shared with me.

What is living in the end?

We all know that "living in the end" is the key to have what we desire. But what does it really mean—to live in the end? Here is the answer—let's say your goal is to have financial freedom or have a great romantic life. So what do you do? You practice visualization, feeling as if, you do affirmations, etc. But ask yourself— from what state do I do this? Is it from a state of need and lack or is it from the "end?" If you had financial freedom would you spend your days trying to manifest money? Or, worry about the lack of it?

No. If you had a perfect romantic relationship, would you spend your days waiting for your SP to answer your message or contact you? No, I doubt that. Living in the end means there is no more lack or need, there is no more problem. So, you don't think from a victim state of mind—you are not seeking anything anymore. You are trying nothing. If you are trying, seeking, or if you think from a place of lack or need you are not doing what you need to do.

Techniques such as affirmations, visualization, feeling as if, are very important. You do them, let's say 15 minutes, multiple times a day, and then during the day, you just remind yourself  "It's done." You have it. You are it. The problem is resolved. THERE IS NOTHING MORE TO DO. So, by doing the visualization or affirmation or feeling as if for a few minutes, you select that desirable reality you want. You know it is done.Then you live your life fully—knowing your desirable reality is selected even if you still see the "old negative" reality. You just remind yourself this is the old reality and now it is fading away because I have selected my desired reality.You don't need to constantly think or fight with your thoughts—every time you see old thoughts or old reality haunting you, just remember, it is done. 

Say to yourself  “in this finished creation, I have selected my desirable reality and it is mine now."So, you can spend your days living fully and enjoying your life, focusing on other things. This is very important! FOCUS ON OTHER THINGS IN YOUR LIFE.This shows that you have faith that the desirable reality is done—you don't spend your days trying to fix anything.

  • When you have financial freedom you don't try to manifest it.
  • When you have a great romantic life you don't worry about how you will manifest it—you just know you have it and you focus on other things in your life.
  • You may have perfect health now, or you may have many friends now. If you do, I doubt you over think these things— you know you have perfect health or many friends, so you don't think about [trying to manifest them].

So this is living in the end: you know it is done.You don't think from a place of lack and you don't focus on it all day long. My advice is to think about all the things you want to do in a day, all the activities you love, as if you already have what you're trying to manifest. Which is opposite of let's say a person who wants an ex back and is blocked by it—he/she refuses life and refuses to think of anything else but that ex and this state of mind just prolongs the problem and the lack.

So again, LIVING IN THE END means there is nothing more to do because it's already done, you can focus on everything else and live fully. It's done.Creation is finished :D WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOUR PROBLEM WAS SOLVED? That would be a good indication of living in the end.

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11/28/2019 5:14 am  #3

Re: What does PW and BWD stand for??

The most important part of living in the end is consistently sustaining the feeling of the wish fulfilled, the feeling of already having your desire like it is an accomplished fact and assuming it is true in spite of outward appearances that might deny that. If you can do that, you don't need affirmations or visualisations. They are aids.

If I were you, I'd avoid the pussy whip and burn with desire and follow Neville's teachings instead. I've been told about some very negative experiences people have had with pw and bwd, and when I tried them out a long time ago to see what they were like, I never felt so distant and separated from my SP. You can't go wrong with Neville.

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