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11/12/2019 5:50 am  #1


It;s about technique in book named : It Works.
Its free ebook 7-10 pdfs max. I am sharing here, no matter if you don't get that.Β 
My experience : It has always worked with me for every smal smal things. I have 3 chits each with 15-20 desires till now. 90%-98 % Success.Β 

How it works:
You know that thoughts are the things, subconcious is the manifestor. Feed subconcious continuosly with desires. It keeps on taking you towards step ahead towards, you keep getting new desires. You might cancel precious desire too. Everytime you get desire = thought , write in a list. You can scratch on completion , if you change your mind .Β 

It restricts mind from getting de focused , rejects unwanted thoughts, keep your mind focused on what you want. Your actions automatically become precise, prominent, defocused mind starts being focused. People pop into your life. They also walk away mirraculously once your things are done! Irritating people, circumstances, thoughts stop and you stop calling someone and telling how rediculous other person is Lol

I am big fan of Neville, LOA : both techniques are diff. This goes in hand in hand with these two again Β 

What To Do
1. Write on piece of paper daily desires you get.Β 
2. Keep your mouth shut , don't talk to anyone about.Β 
3. Spread this information to many who need.Β 

My success stories are many
In this forum , success story section I have shared with title, manifested job for dad. feel free to read so.Β 
I am offering coaching too. Any one wishes to talk , ping me. Share your successes, be positive and spread more positivity is the key.Β 


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Thanks & LoveΒ Β​
Feel free to PM for anything else.

11/12/2019 7:21 pm  #2


Thank you for share your experience, where is te link of the book?Β 


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