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10/28/2019 2:02 am  #1

RS/LOA Ex Back/Specific Person Help

Hi Guys
I am new on here so a big hello to everyone. This is the first time I have ever been in a forum and I guess the universe brought me here. I love Veronica's energy and what she does for all of us. Blessed to have her and grateful to have access to the knowledge she shares.
I just want to give you guys a brief I have been in a few abusive/toxic relationships in the past and I now fully understand how I had attracted those. I was introduced to LOA years ago but I had never applied it till now. I must say that I am really grateful that those toxic relationships did not work out because it lead me to meeting this amazing guy that I am head over heels in love with and he is the person I am going to attract back - I know the universe is working for me but there are days I am super positive that I feel his presence around me and then there are days when I am super depressed and in the state of lack.Β 
I want to give a brief background on this - there is a lot of negative family pressure from his side and despite that he kept meeting me - I was in love but he never admitted - I would spend days with him and he never crossed his limits even though there was tremendous sexual attraction - he would always say how heavily charmed he is by me and how I make him feel weak when I am around him. Our connection was so pure, we would talk for hours, just lay there look into each others eyes, share childhood memories, hug and fall asleep. He fought till the end until he just suddenly stopped meeting me and stopped communicating due to his family not wanting this. He may not be perfect but I know I am. not either and I love him. I want to be there for him in every stage of life and I love him so much. I know despite everyone being negative I know that we are twin flames and I know he loves me. I dont want to write too much details here as it will just reinforce the past. I know he loves me with what I saw in his eyes.Β 
I have been reading so much about LOA and RS - I have been practising it too. There are days when I feel amazing and days like today when I feel low and feel his absence. Some say to give it a deadline - But I wont. Who am I to put an ultimatum on the universe? I know and I trust in the divine timing. I just need support to fight through the days when I feel like giving up. I know that no one else will come in my path because he is only meant for me and me for him.Β 
When people ask me I already talk in the future as if I have received it. I tell people that I am back with him - that there are no problems now. This is not just scripting or me imagining this is me just plain telling them that NO this has worked out. I dont care if they think im crazy.Β 
I see a lot of signs, I see angel numbers, 11;11 and 444, I see the same things on social media like the gifts he would send me, like someone posting it (they received it too), I see red flowers everywhere, I see the animals and things he loved everywhere, I recently just saw his name printed in big bold letters in a restaurant - and his name is not so common. I randomly hear people say his name?Β 

My question is that I need help in fighting the negativity and desperation I experience at times, the fear and doubt, like am I crazy? Am I wasting my time? Because I am looking after myself - loving myself - I keep getting a lot of male attention which I try to brush off as I love him and only him.Β 
I try not to focus on the negative memories I have with him which is just the last time I met him when he was fearfully having to let me go, but everything else prior to that has been so pure and beautiful - the best days of my life.

I have recently RS'd him even though I have no experience in real - I try my best - but then because he has blocked me and does not want to talk even though I tried to reach out before I left it to the universe .... I cant see him everyday so how do I know if it works? He is a very strong willed person? Will RS still work?Β 

I really wish everyone the best here and I know that we all will be posting our success stories soon.

Yes our desires are meant to be fulfilled and we deserve it. We just need support. I want to support and share the love with those who are in the same situation as me. I want to give out to the universe too.Β 

Please help me I don't want to give up!


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