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10/25/2019 9:26 pm  #1

I got my guy and we just celebrated our 11 months together.

so, I have always been a believer in the law of attraction. I have seen my life change for the better. But, around 15 months ago, all I wanted was love. So, made my soulmate list and just forgot about it, hoping it would come true and not hanging on it for life. I started going out on dates. And then, I met someone who was horrible. Only went out with me for half a month and then when I would not put out, he dumped me. ( spoiler alert: I have been recently been diagnosed with BPD so you can understand what the little abandonment would have done for me). Anywho, got back on my feet, and then the minute I started tindering again. It took one swipe and I have not been on a date since.Β 
We took a couple of months or more just to grow closer and then there was no looking back. so, I guess, what I am saying is, it doesn't matter how hard things get, when you want something bad enough, all of the barriers will fall away. the minute you resonate doubt out in the universe, you kissed your dream goodbye. The Universe is ever expanding. What is not possible?! Anything is. I mean it. So, hang in there and trust the path that you and Universe are paving together.Β 



10/26/2019 12:44 pm  #2

Re: I got my guy and we just celebrated our 11 months together.

Thank you for share your experience :DΒ 


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