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10/09/2019 7:57 pm  #1

Signs- Help?


I started the 25 day challenge, in honesty, I have no idea how many days ago. I have been consuming tons of material on law of attraction. It began as an adventure to return my soulmate, but have bloomed into a full blow soul search. I don't even know how to explain it, but I have listened to Veronica's videos, Abraham Hicks, Robert Fink, Neville Goddard... and more. I've consumed books, blogs, and now I'm onto numerology. I feel as though the universe has begun communicating with me constantly. My soulmate and I have been having better communication. After I watched a few videos and read some more material, I discovered the numbers. Some repeating, but some timed with his messages. Like the time literally the context of messages have been coinciding with what they call angel numbers. Like the message topics align with the attached time. If that even makes any sense at all. But there have just been the strangest things happening. For weeks I've spent all this time hitting green lights, or red right when I needed them. Then I had a night where I was hitting every red light, almost had to work a double shift. Instead of letting negative emotions in, I just reminded myself today is a good day and everything is working out for me.

I feel like the universe is speaking directly to me, and their are so many signs that I'm having trouble deciphering them all haha.
But I had a moment of sadness yesterday. My soulmate came to my home to help me with something, and he looked not just tired, but ill, drained, lethargic, stressed, numb. I had seen him last week, and he looked healthier. But yesterday he appeared frail. Older than his age. He was talking negatively about himself. 

So here I am manifesting our union, and thinking how can I help him heal. My heart says that the separation is taking a toll on him, even though it was his decision. Yes I am healing, yes I am getting stronger, yes I am happier, yes I am manifesting. I want to bring the same love I'm giving myself to him. His mind seemed fogged and he said so many times that he was tired and not thinking clearly. 

Yes my manifestation of our love is working, I know the universe has heard me, and everything is in motion, I just am uncertain of how to bring him into a healthier state. Or perhaps the universe already is doing that. Maybe he needed to feel what being away from me is like in order to return. 

I also noticed something else. I light bulb moment. This may sound out of this world, but I know I'm right. I am feeling what he is feeling when he is away from me. I tested this out, I said something that could have been interpreted wrong, and felt a flicker of negative painful emotion in my chest to him, and then finished what I was explaining in a more supportive positive way, and immediately felt the release. I've heard through my material consumption that sometimes we ourselves are drawn to the law of attraction, because the other person is unknowingly manifesting us into their lives. So like a duo creation. However, I'm finding that as I transition into a stronger emotional state and vibration, there are these sudden moments, sometime lasting hours where this tension spews inside me like a volcano, and I tell it to stop. That's like my grounding word, I've gotten more control over it, but then I realized, it isn't me. These surges of negative energy are coming from him. We have had a few tense conversations, and I was in a great mood the other day and suddenly felt it and then received some tense message from him. So what do I do with that? I know undoubtedly that not all these emotional surges are me, now that I have recognized it's not me, I am by far more able to re-direct them. The says we don't control anyone, we attract them. This is different, there are moments, that I sense him so strongly that it is as if our souls are inside of each other. I feel him, I metaphysically see this shadow of him overlapping mine. I look out and feel my eyes and his eyes moving together, and it is the strangest sensation. lol and no I am not on drugs. My energy isn't just connecting to his, it is overlapping and getting jumbled. 

So on top of this. Today I received an expected item. I got a free prize ring ordering bath bombs. Had no idea what this ring would look like. Then I opened it. It has a blue stone and a silver band. I tried it on my fingers and it fit perfectly on my ring finger where I used to wear my engagement ring. So truth is, my engagement ring contains blue diamonds on a white gold band. Granted this prize ring has no real value, but it was an ah ha moment. I received a ring in the mail with a blue stone and a silver toned band that fit my finger perfectly. Later on this evening, I just had this urge to ask my mom to give me back my ring, as she has been keeping it safe. I've gotten so small it no longer fits my ring finger, but I felt the need to put it back on anyways, so it is now on my left hand next to my prize ring. It just feels like the right time. 

I've had repeated and repeating numbers popping up. 122, 1222, 1233, 222, and 555. I have been becoming much more aware of things happening around me than I have every in my life. It all started with a pack of cigarettes. A friend of mine stayed with me and misplaced his pack of cigarettes in my house, days later, as I was getting up for work, I just saw them sitting there in place sight on a cupboard. Later that afternoon he messaged me that he was in town, two days later he was in a horrible accident and survived. The universe told me he was coming before he came. Since then, I have been flooded with symbols, signs, strange happenings. I predicted someone would get a job. 

It is so hard to make sense of this all, and how it all ties into my manifestation. Obviously things are happening now, or I would not be getting flooded, but trying understand it all has my mind boggled. More importantly, my soulmate needs to be whole again, and I need guidance on how to utilize all these enlightened gifts I'm receiving to share with him raise him into vibrational alignment. I am there. Where do I go from here?


10/11/2019 1:18 pm  #2

Re: Signs- Help?


The signs look great, this means that your higher self is telling you that everything will be okay. But, keep in mind that divine timing is also at play! You are not manifesting your ex back or the old relationship--that's not what you want because it failed. You are manifesting a NEW relationship which will be filled with love, happiness, joy, laughter, passion, and more. For that to happen, change needs to take place. 

Would you like to get back with your ex if it means that you'll break up again? No. 

Do you want the same issues to crop up in the new relationship? No. 

The signs mean that your manifestation is coming--it is on its way. But, they also mean that you need to take a step back and calm down. Work on the other areas in your life and become a better version of yourself. Everything that needs to happen IS happening behind the scenes, and it'll be everything you want and more! Have faith in your higher self and the universe. KNOW in your heart and soul that your story will have a happy ending. That's what these signs are telling you. 

Your soulmate is going through change and transition that's important so that the two of you can be together. in a healthy relationship. Have faith and give it time. It'll all fall into place when it is destined. 


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