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10/09/2019 12:41 pm  #1

Being friends with an ex that I’m still in love with

Hi all,

My ex and I broke up on semi good terms in a sense that even though there were arguments at the end he told me that he still cared and wanted to keep in touch with me. Most of our arguments happened towards the end of the relationship after he told me that he was moving back to his country and didn’t want to do long distance. So instead of enjoying my time with, I started arguing and essentially begging me to not leave me even after he leaves. Now we live in different countries and for a while we were still in contact. But because I want something more than a friendship, I researched more about getting ex back with loa and some say that I should stop contact with my ex for at least a month. But the problem is he calls and texts me everyday and begs me to reply him. I don’t know what to do. I’m scared that if I don’t reply him at the end of this 1 month period he’s gonna completely forget about me. But if I do reply him, I’m gonna mess up the process. Thank you. Please kindly help me with my situation, any advice is greatly appreciated.


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