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9/14/2019 1:29 am  #1

My Story , My Realization, Neville :)


It's pleasure sharing with you all. Heart full of gratitude, eyes full of happy tears.Β 
Background is I am extremely blessed , pampered since childhood. By parents, my Guru.Β 
Dream came true & I mate my sweet heart.

We seperated physically, hearts were coming more close together
Summery is : Today at enough communication with him, I have been myself, Successfull
Freelancer, Enterpreuner , Self loving person full of gratitude I texted him.
" You are the BEST HUSBAND in the WORLD. "

I realised, If that sky breaking, earth shaking, heart breaking, thundering seperation wasn't there,Β 
I would have never left my parents, guru. I would hv never learnt standing up myself, being myself.Β 
That was time of my spiritual awakening. Somehow parents behaved wiered, I lost contact with my Guru.
He said, my time is complete at his.Β 

Parents, My sweet heart & Guru were sent apart a bit from my life. This was divine plan of my dear God.
I was extrmeely pampered, obidient. Without that I would never have left all of them my own.Β 

Neville Says, everyone plays their own part in this world. All are imporant. I realised this.Β 
By any ways ... 3 of them were made to behave like this to leave me alone. With the universe.Β 
Under the open sky, with nature, with God.Β 

Without all this I wouldn't have discovered myself. I wouldn't have been a magical person.Β 
Frankly, i thought if we would have been simply married .. my life would have been spice-less.Β 
Just live blindly cz all others live. Marriage, kids. That's it.Β 

I realised the importance of my sweet heart, our being togehter.Β 
And ofcourse being MYSELF, being full of SELF LOVE.Β 
I realised what is life, how it works, How to live

Thanks to my god, parents, guru , my sweet heart, veronica, this forum and all who are somehow part of this
awesome journey. It's not just about manifesting SP. I changed, My life changed, my inside and outside ( 100% ) totally has changed.Β 

This was a divine drama writen and directed by my god, to make me realise I AM GOD, I AM LOVEΒ 

Lots of Love, Thank you everyone, God.Β 

Thanks & Love  ​
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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