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8/26/2019 3:04 am  #1

18 new playlist songs added this weekend.. Worth a check

Hey everyone.Β The start of another new week, and a Bank Holiday for us here in the UK.Β I just wanted to pop in not just to say hi, but to let you all know that yesterday, another 18 songs were added to the playlists.Β We have now 330 I believe.Β This is so amazing and thank you all again.Β So, if you want to have a look at what is new, then check it out here on this post and remember any new tracks are clearly marked on the site when I add themThank you for supporting my site, reading and listening.So, happy listening and as usual happy manifesting.Β Now over 300 uplifting good vibe songs just for you

Eve from Best Law of Attraction atΒ https://www.bestlawofattraction.comΒ Why not pop in and say hello!
Much love x


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