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8/20/2019 12:47 pm  #1

Miraculously getting back with my exgf

My exgf broke up with me a few months ago and I didn't acdept or handle the breakup well. I was in a tough mental place. I was dealing with paranoia and a lot of stress. I pushed her away further and further after the breakup by not respecting her need for space. She eventually blocked me. I emailed her though and kept emailing her. I was struggling with mental issues and was desperate to get her back so I was updating her on life changes. I lost 30lbs, realized a prescription drug was causing my mental issues and paranoia putting a strain on our relationship. I had paranoid thoughts about her cheating that I know aren't true but it was hard to control the thoughts. I've read several relationship books and took udemy courses.

I'm confident if I had another chance we will be great tigether. She filed a police complaint against me for harrassment. I think most people would give up but I was really good to her most of the time and we were a great couple that makes a lot of sense. I just haven't given hher any space since the breakup or time to process and miss me. She is really stubborn and it's going to be tough to get her back but I'm going to try usinf LOA and continue improving myself. I think she is scared of me right now and thinks I'm a stalker. I'm a really nice guy though and I've never said anything mean to her or called her names. I've never raised my voice to her in person or hit her or ever really gotten mad. I was just struggling with stress and I made life changes to manage stress so I'm hoping she'll understand that. She was really good to me
I dated a lot of women but she was the first that I could see myself marrying. She was also excited about me and would tell her friend and me that she can see herself having kids with me and me being a great father.

Which videos or Veronica should I watch?

I have prayers and a visualization that I do nightly.
It may take time and a lot of work plus a miracle but this thread will be a success story.


8/20/2019 10:17 pm  #2

Re: Miraculously getting back with my exgf

I watched a ton of Veronica's youtube video. I have already been praying and visualizing for over a month but I've probably been obsessing over her too much. I've had mental issues and a deep anxiety. I think my attachment style was anxious-preoccupied and I have to work on making myself more secure attached in relationships. I've lost 30-35lbs since the breakup and I'm in great shape already now but I'll lose another 30-35lbs and be in the best shape of my life.

I've made massive changes in my life. I've rented out my apartment and moved back in with my parents to reduce stress and save money. I've quit drinking coffee and taking Concerta which caused my paranoia and I've started eating healthier and having more energy. I've relaxed a ton this summer which I rarely do. I've started going to church weekly and praying a lot. I needed my exgf to push me away and block me. She also complained to the police about harassment which was a bit harsh but fair enough and I needed it to really let go. I feel terrible that I scared her and annoyed her enough to get to that point but I also have to forgive myself since I haven't been in a good mental place yet. I'm working hard and signed up for a CBT therapy program in October.

It might take a year to get her back but I won't sweat it. Like they say I put my order out to the universe like ordering a pizza and I don't get impatient and call in when it's taking too long I just wait and trust that it'll come when it should. I'll go about my life and do this work for myself that I need to do.

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9/14/2019 10:38 pm  #3

Re: Miraculously getting back with my exgf

I've been working hard and consistently. I won't post updates but I pray daily and have continued losing weight. This past week was a really good week of exercise and weight loss.

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9/23/2019 8:55 pm  #4

Re: Miraculously getting back with my exgf

I would start by listening to veronica's 25 day challenge videos. They are very helpful or if you can purchasing her 25 day challenge books. If you have kindle unlimited you can read for free they have been very helpful for me. Plus it helps kinfa of break up the day.


10/11/2019 9:46 pm  #5

Re: Miraculously getting back with my exgf

Thanks for the tips guys I bought a couple of Veronicas Kindle books and watched a bunch of videos.
It's been a while but I've still been doing the work and haven't given up hope.

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