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8/20/2019 7:23 am  #1

Mirror work

I just wanted to share how much my mood has lifted just by doing some mirror work for a couple of days. I intend to keep going with it.Β 

I always find it hard to say nice things to myself and encourage myself when looking in the mirror. There's something about facing yourself that is quite hard to do but there is definitely benefit in it. I think if it is hard to do, is when you need it the most.Β 

Gaining acceptance from yourself is powerful.

It actually took me a while to even begin but I told myself good things and congratulated myself on how far ive come. I even apologised for the mistakes ive made that have made things harder for myself but the relief I felt afterward was great. I feel so much lighter today.Β 

This video inspired me:ΒΒ 


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