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8/16/2019 12:59 am  #1

I might manifested him but not exactly the same as I desire

Hi everyone,
I am very new to LOA and all the things related, I am still confused about many things and not sure if I've done it right even though I've been watching so many videos these three weeks (since I knew about Veronica). I need some advice! My situation is long distance and we know each other for only a short time (about three months).
My story is very long but I really need help and advice. I'm new here (just registered this morning) and new to Law of Attraction, so I have a lot to learn. I have many confusion and I hope the warm and loving people here can help me.
Veronica is so amazing and wonderful, so are the viewers of her videos, so I think people here must be as friendly and amazing as themย 
This story is REALLY LONG, but I really need helpsย 

So I met my guy from Denmark online on May 2nd, 2019, and we talked a lot and had the common goal that we will work things out to lead to a relationship.
He flew to Taiwan and stayed for two weeks on Jun 9th - 23rd, and he broke up with me on Jun 25th (he was already in Denmark).
We went to a temple of Love God (Chinese Cupid, Old Men below the Moon) and got a paring red string, but he accidentally brought both of them to Denmark.
I don't know if that's the reason why we broke up, or maybe the Love God just helped me to get away from the wrong person. He said he would send mine back to me, but he hasn't done it yet...
We were never really in a relationship, and we had many arguments during his stay because we are very different and I am very insecure and need lots of reassurance.
We didn't really have the "no contact rules" but he seldom replied for the first two weeks after we broke up.
One night in late Jul he saw my Facebook post about my ex's new gf and he thought I was referring to him, so he asked me to explain and we were on the call, and he said he saw my tweet about him which I posted two weeks earlier.
He and I both seldom use Twitter and we didn't connect on witter, so I was really surprised that he stalked me on Twitter (he said he wasn't stalking lol). I posted it on Twitter was because I thought he would never see it.
And he still said he likes me, all the time he said he likes me but differently.I feel like he doesn't know what he wants, he's so confused about himself and he makes me so confused as well.
Like during his stay in Taiwan, he promised that "if you can tell me that you trust me and really mean it, I'll delete the dating app immediately".
And even his last day here, he still made promise "I will not abandon or give up on you." and "I will not ghost/unfriend/block you."
But just two days later everything changed.My desire is that my guy (my ex.. something like that) will come back to me to apologize and get me back and ask me to be in a relationship with him. When I live in the end result, I treat him as my boyfriend and talk like that way, and he does the same. I am so confused because he said that he likes me in a friendly way not romantic way, but last week he told me he still thinks about me (hasn't moved on) and he always says he likes me. When he saw my story of "Valentine's Day" with food pics, he asked me who I had the meal with. And he saw my comments (below a Facebook Fanpage) about the courage of giving up, he asked me what I want to give up on, I didn't answer and he kept asking three more times and assumed I was talking about him (he's right), and he seemed like he doesn't want me to give up. And the past week we are talking like bf/gf, and I am confused.ย 
I believe I manifest these but it's still not exactly what I want. Is it because changes happen gradually but not overnight? Or I just remain the same (as what I have done) and don't change?
Last Tue. I told him the next day would be Chinese Valentine's Day and wanted him to surprise me, he asked for reason and I said, "you don't need a reason to surprise your dream girl. If you need a reason, you can come up with one and tell me." He only replied, "Hmm..", but before he went to bed, he said, "I'll see if I cant think of any surprises".
Due to the time difference and jet lag (he's from Denmark and currently visiting his aunt in the USA, and I live in Taiwan), I don't know if I should expect anything...
He sent a naught pic of himself as a Valentine's surprise, and we have had sexual talk few times last week.
When I asked him something like "Are you talking to other girls?", he would said something like "I talk to few other girls but nothing like you and I have, but we are not in a relationship, so you should quit it."I felt like he was so certain that I would keep chasing him, so he abuses me emotionally. He likes me but he doesn't want to take responsibility for me, and that's why he doesn't want to be in a relationship with me, like he wants to occupy me but refuse to commit. (I met a cheater last year and that cheater was like that, that cheater even lied to me that he had the cancer to cover up the fact that he cheated... what a disgusting person!)
So when a guy doesn't commit to a relationship, I have doubts that the guy might mess with many girls at the same time.
I don't know if he's the right person, and it's probably not because we had many arguments at the "honeymoon phase" and we are very different, but I've never been in a long-term relationship andI would really want to work things out. I am not sure if I can meet another handsome guy who is exactly my type (apearance, also not scared away after hearing my weird and creepy things) to fly to my country just for me.
My desire (visualization) is that he will become exactly want I want (like deleting the dating apps and put me in the priority than other girls), I don't know if that's also a reason why I haven't manifested yet. Is it possible to use LOA to make a specific person become the way you want? Like all the obstacles get removed?
I don't know if the universe will delver the perfect him for him after he became like that.I saw many people's success story on Youtube comments (I hope they are real haha), and I believe there are even more success story here on the Forum.
I am so certain that he will regret and come back to me, I always think so since we broke up, even before I knew about Veronica.
I am not sure if my problem is LETTING GO. I have visualized and had faith that he will come back to me, and I really stayed positive for the past three weeks (because I knew about Veronica).
I don't know why i haven't manifested yet.
Maybe when we started to talk again like bf & gf is the chance and I blew it off? I don't know what exactly I should do to LET GO. I read many articles and watched many videos about it but still don't know what I should doYesterday on Snapchat I asked him whether he has a heart with other person, he said no. He's the only one I talk to o Snapchat, so if we don't have a heart, it means he talks to others more than me.
We haven't talked for about two days, the last messages on every platform were all sent by him), and I think I should not reach him out, I will let him to desire to talk to me and want to commit to me. But I started to lose faith because I don't see any result for the past three weeks.
Just as I thought I was slowly getting there, it was still the same. I would really appreciate any advice, suggestions, support and positive comments, or your experience.
Sorry for the long story, and I appreciate whoever read it all. I really hope there will be some people to reply. Thank you all in advance!

โ˜… If everything that can happen, happens. Then we can never really do the wrong thing. We're just doing what we're supposed to. ๐Ÿˆ
โ˜† Don't be sad that it's over, be glad that it happened. ๐ŸŒŸ Learn to let go and be clear of where you really want to head for.ย ๐Ÿฆ„
โ˜…ๆ“ๆœ‰็š„้ƒฝๆ˜ฏๅƒฅๅ€–๏ผŒๅคฑๅŽป็š„้ƒฝๆ˜ฏๅฎฟๅ‘ฝใ€‚๐Ÿ”ฎ ็œ‹ๆธ…ไบ†ๅฐฑ็œ‹่ผ•ไบ†ใ€‚ๆ™‚้–“่ฎ“ๆทฑ็š„ๆ›ดๆทฑ๏ผŒๆทบ็š„ๆ›ดๆทบใ€‚๐Ÿ’ƒ

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