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8/10/2019 2:03 pm  #1

My Birthday

Today was my birthday, I’m 37 J. This is my first birthday as a married woman.
When I woke up I found Alex was watching me sleep, as he often does. He said he couldn’t wake me up, I looked so peaceful, happy …beautiful.
I am at peace, I am extremely happy. Everything worked out of me, everything works out for me and everything will continue to work out for me.

I love to hear him say to me : Happy birthday , my beautiful wife!
When I went to make us coffee he was sitting in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and some flowers. When did he get the flowers? I am amazed by how romantic this man can be sometimes.
He hugged me and kissed me again and handed me the cup of coffee, oh how I love the smell of coffee and enjoying our first cup daily.
It was a lazy Sunday morning and we watched some TV. I love the simple things we do together.
In the afternoon he went to pick up his father and we are meeting at my parents’ house to celebrate my birthday. He brought Kira too.
Nala and Zeus were so happy to play with her again, they get along so well.
The men were in the yard preparing the barbeque, drinking bear and talking, and my mother and I sat the table and made some salad.
It’s funny I used to worry that our parent wouldn’t get along. They talk all day and had a lot of fun, we all did.
They talk about tomatoes, their jobs before they retired, the fur babies and of course we got to when we will give them a grandchild.
Alex and I share a conspicuous complicit gaze, because that it’s already in the works but we haven’t told them yet.
At the end of the day I feel grateful for our family, our life, for this simple yet wonderful day we all shared, that I have around me people that love me and people I love, that they all get along , that the fur babies get along.
When Alex came back home, after dropping off his father, he had champagne.  He doesn’t like it but I do and he bought it for me.
We barley sip from it before things got hot and we went into the bedroom. We really enjoy each other but most of all we enjoy our life together, our marriage, and our unbreakable connection.  We deeply love each other and it really shows.
Got to admit it, this was the best birthday ever and it’s only the begging. 


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