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8/09/2019 7:19 am  #1

Honeymoon in Punta Cana

Today was a sunny summer day and I woke up to the usual morning text from Alex
“Morning my beautiful wife!  .
My shift is almost over and I’ll be going home. Sorry we won’t be able to see each other today.
In case we don’t get a chance to speak later, have fun with the girls tonight!”

I love how no matter if we are next to each other or not we always say good morning & good night.
When I got in front of my office building I saw him, he was standing there with a grin on his face and a beautiful bouquet of red roses. My heart felt so full with joy, I really thought we wouldn’t see each other today because he worked the night shift again and I had plans with the girls in the evening.
As he kissed me he said: ”I couldn’t just not hug and kiss today so I thought I stopped by to say I love you, wifey”.
"I love you too, my crazy hubby" I replied

He is so sweet and carrying, it’s so easy to be with him, to love him , to be loved by him. I feel so much love and joy when he holds me into his arms that I never want to let go. It’s funny how normal wifey sounds to me now.

I had to send him home to sleep so I could go start my work day and he could get some rest before leaving for work again. I am so grateful for those small gesture, small things that we do for each other.  
I’m so grateful I’m a priority in his life and that he loves me so much.

When I meet the girls they were so curious to hear about our honeymoon in Punta Cana, the wedding we had there.
“So, what was it like? “ Asked Rami. “A real, official ceremony? I mean if you two weren’t already married that could count as a marriage? How much was it? “They saw the Facebook posts from Punta Cana.
“I’m not really sure”, I said ” because we were already married and that ceremony by the beach was just something I really wanted to experience. It was 50% off because we told them we were on a honeymoon and we also had a complementary dinner and photo sessions. They were really great and helpful and joyous and panned to whole thing”.
“Punta Cana is a beautiful destination, I’m happy I got to go there with Alex. It’s funny but it looked like he is a bit nervous at that ceremony. He told me he is so happy and that moment was so magical for him he could hardly believe it was real.”
"You both looked so good and sexy in those pictures, they did a great job with that photo shoot. And that dress you wore was beautiful  and elegant, you can really see that you have lost weight " said Cris.

I really enjoyed seeing the girls and talking about our honeymoon, showing them the pictures I didn’t post. Somehow I relived those wonderful moments.

I’m so excited for all the new, happy moments to come.
That’s what life really is in the end. A series of moments and I intend to make them happy, easy and magical.


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