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8/07/2019 4:04 am  #1

Help Vizualising

I’ve recently started the 25 days challenge and need a little bit of help.
I have trouble visualizing…. I can day dream, script, write things down but when I try to visualize I get stuck in the process of it like not falling asleep, or just visualizing because sometimes my mind goes blank.
When I do manage to visualize I usually see like a black screen and only hear the scene…
I would love some tips & tricks to improve my visualizations .
I know it’s a trained skill and I’ll get there as some point but I was wondering if there is a way to get there naturally.

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8/09/2019 4:53 pm  #2

Re: Help Vizualising

Hi Krissmeda.
When you are daydreaming you are visualising. When you are scripting you are visualising through the written word, even when you recall things in your mind you are visualising. 
Try this.. Close your eyes, and imagine yourself in one of the rooms in your home. You can visualise by either seeing yourself as if you are watching yourself, or you may visualise as if you are there looking out of your own eyes. Now in your mind walk to the fridge. Now to your bed. The toilet/shower, then the front door. Now go turn on the TV and pick up your keys from wherever you normally leave them. Once you have done this, head into your bedroom and look out of the window. What do you see? 
You see by doing this exercise, as often as you need, you are helping yourself tune your visualisation skills up. Whilst you can remember the layout of your home, then you are imagining and visualising. This could be done for any familiar place that you know. Once you have done home, maybe do work. Visualise yourself doing walking around the building you work in. Sitting where you normally sit. eating lunch where you normally eat lunch. 
I know it may seem a mundane exercise but it will help, and you will soon come to realise that you can visualise after all. We all can. If you have a certain thing you are trying to visualise then try starting at a mundane process. For example, you are after your new car. So you wander around your home in and out of a garden perhaps, and then into your car to drive to a garage. Or even you could open your garage after you have wandered about to find your car there. 
The more you practice it the easier it will become, and the quicker and easier you will be able to do this. 
To be honest though, if you are doing the other things, then you don't necessarily need to use visualisations. There are so many other methods you can try. The point I am trying to make here is 'don't stress it'. The law of attraction is fun, and so find something that you feel as comfortable as possible doing. I hope this helps.

Eve from Best Law of Attraction at Why not pop in and say hello!
Much love x


8/10/2019 6:09 am  #3

Re: Help Vizualising

I have been in a relationship for 3 years with a guy and after we spoke to our parents about our future plans with each other(marriage) he told me needs another years. We had a fight on this and after another month, he told me he doesn't want be with my anymore. In his head, this is a closure but I strongly believe we are meant to be together.  I have been manifesting a lot of things in my life. I have manifested job, money, small things like a Dress, my phone, laptop etc and for them I don't really do affirmations or visualisation. I know I will get them! It has always worked like Magic for me and always left people around me in shock as they don't understand how I always get things which I want.  This is the first time I am manifesting a relationship where a person is not with me at present. It has been a month of NC and between this I got a new job in Dubai(He is in India). This Job is also my manifestation as I was surrounded by negative people in my previous Job and I knew it will be difficult for me to concentrate, stay positive which is required to bring the relationship back. The challenge I am facing is when I try to visualise -

- I sometimes feel angry, old memories came up in my mind etc.
-I am unsure what to visualise - End result is I want us to be together - Loving, committed relationship, we living together etc. in Dubai. However, considering I am in Dubai and he is in India - my logical mind starts asking How? and Why will he come to Dubai? As he is loving his Job - I am visualising something that will take time to materialise. 
Thinking about the how - I feel may be I should manifest a loving text message from him but then I freak out thinking what will I reply and how the conversation will go etc. 

So, there are multiple incidences of our reunion in our mind and they keep revolving when I try to visualise. Also, when I try to use Neville Goddard's technique before sleeping, I actually get so lost in visualising that I don't sleep. The story which I think of keeps moving. I really want to Understand what should I concentrate on - small events or  just the end result. I know things are moving at the background but I want them to start appearing NOW!    


8/11/2019 4:08 am  #4

Re: Help Vizualising

Hi Eveee,
Thank you for you reply, it's really helpful.
You're right the process it's fun and should be fun. But I think, at this moment, I'm more aware on the fact that I want to visualize as to complete tasks on the 25 days challenge book and I took that as something that I have to do and left out the fun part of it ...because I usually fall asleep or my mind drifts to other things or goes blind when I visualize those suggested scenes.
That's kind of strange because  imagine a lot of scenes, not regarding to my SP but I do imagine and visualize daily.
I guess I have to train my mind and stop seeing it as a task that I must complete and start seeing it as a fun thing like the rest of things that I do.
I will definitely try visualizing familiar surroundings , it's mundane true but the idea it's to make it easy so... I've got nothing to lose.
I also have to  take it easy and have a break whenever I can't really visualize as in before sleep .
Thank you again for your help,


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