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8/06/2019 11:16 am  #1

blocking - Neville techniques Success Story

Inspite of progress of our case, my SP.. I decided to do it more.
One of my a/c was blocked by him long back.Β 
Still after that we were normally talking. Then we had no communication.
Then Coming back together.Β 

As I was using diff ID on messanger for communication, I decided to give it a try.Β 
3 days I had no communication with him. I was imaginary living in it.Β 
I also practically mimiced call and talked with him.Β 

This morning, while playing with that ID, I had no intention of connecting with him.
I thought, it's like mimic call. I am mimicing video call.Β 
Suddenly I added other ID of mine in that , this thought came in mind after 5 yrs
I saw, he was already there !!! Only my blocked ID wasn't able to see him there!

I saw Incoming call screen and manifested in 3 days.Β 

I am sending him msgs , calling him now from that ID too.
But it shows it's blocked. as a text msg to meΒ 

It works. Only this works. WHen you do self love, you live happily and more lovely things happen.
When you meditate, focus and script - NO other energy comes in your life. Life goes smooth.Β 

So, please do it.
Happy to help those who need.Β 
Believe- Self abundantment- All things are possible to GOD.Β 
Lots of wishesh to all. Happy Manifesting

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Thanks & Love  ​
Feel free to PM for anything else.
Skype (Love&Light444)

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