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8/05/2019 8:50 am  #1

Neville Mental Conversations Success Story :) - MAID

After long time here. 'cz riding my the waves of my creation
Our maid was not good charachter. No more negativity writing here.Β 
She said going out. will update when will I come. I rang her after 5 days.Β 
Today. She denied joining. Immediately, I SAW >>> Not just thought of..

I SAW a maid, works in our apt since ages. Who is v loving and helping.
Good with me and all. I used to call er " Hasari " = Smiling woman. Always smiling.Β 
Called her up. She came, I said work given to you. She accepted happily, without fixing salary
Positivity : she said not for money, will come from tomorrow. give whatever you want.Β 

It's mindblowing !!!
My work : I was having mental conversation with ex- maid where I was not giving her any energy.Β 
Only once, thought passed by , my mind told me , " Immagine you have got lovely maid "
I said to myself just once, I have got best maid. ( not exact these words but felt rich of having best maid. )

It happenes instantly. It works.
Use it for good. Lots of love to all. Happy manifesting.Β 
Always here to talk, share positivity & laugh on call with all of you.Β 
Thank You god. I love you , I love myself.

Thanks & Love  ​
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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