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8/03/2019 4:31 pm  #1

Cord Cutting

I've been going to court daily for the past two weeks as a Juror and let's say I've picked up on a lot of negative energy from that court. I wasn't in the right vibe to send an email, so I decided to wait until I was. Instead I will now be sending out emails throughout the week instead of just Monday!

So long story short, it took us two days to decide on a verdict. It was stressful, tense and we were all losing our patience. We were picking up on each others anxiety in the Deliberation Room. We gave the verdict of GUILTY yesterday! My heart broke watching the defendant's mother and sister break down and start crying loudly in court.

I came home and couldn't take that image out of my mind. I cried myself, hoping that would release that built up emotion and energy.

But I still felt the same today... so I had to cut the cords.

>> This is exactly what I did and I feel a lot better within myself now. You can use this practise daily or as and when you need to cut energetic cords with people.

Don't worry you are not cutting off from loved ones,  you are just taking back your power and energy from them and releasing any attachments.

>> So lets begin, I first sat down comfortably on my bed, eyes closed and palms facing up.

5 deep breaths in and out to get relaxed.

I brought up in my mind's eye the defendant's mother first and saw her surrounded in a white light, I also saw a white cord connecting us and I simply pulled that white cord back towards me. I then wished her well.

That was me simply just cutting the cord. You can use various methods, if you prefer to cut the cord with scissors, that's okay too.

I also made sure that I was surrounded by a white light too.

I did the same thing for the defendant's sister, the defendants, the lawyers, the judge and the rest of the jurors.

Then I focused on myself. I imagined gold light coming through my head from the Universe, filling up my body. As I imagined this, I could feel a tingly sensation in my body.

Gold light filled my body travelling from my head to my feet.

I felt a sense of relief and relaxation.

Then when I was ready, I slowly opened my eyes.

>> I felt like myself again. I was back in alignment and in a high vibe. πŸ’–πŸ’«
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