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8/01/2019 1:24 pm  #1

Inspired Action

The Universe will always give you little nudges to get you closer to your dreams. These nudges may come as signs, synchronicities or the urge to do something, also known as inspired action.

When we ignore the above, the nudges may get stronger and stronger until we take that inspired action & make a move. This is where people make the mistake of ignoring the nudges and not taking that first step of inspired action. They end up waiting for everything to be complete or everything to make sense to them before they make their move. But if you were to take that first inspired action step, the Universe will always guide you to the next step. Ignoring the nudges will always keep you away from your dream and keep you stuck in your current situation. Sometimes taking inspired action can be scary but always remember that the Universe has your back, it wouldn't guide you into taking action that you shouldn't be taking. πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’«
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