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7/14/2019 8:03 am  #1

I need help - emotionally abusive relationship

Hi everyone, I could really use some advice.Β  I am currently married in a highly emotionally abusive situation.Β  My husband is a narcissist, and I am not in a financial position to leave him right now.Β  None of my family or friends are able to help me and I'm tired of feeling bad all the time.Β  I keep trying to raise my vibration and be positive, but whenever I do, he finds a way to tear me back down to zero.Β  Is there something I can do to make this situation better right now?Β  Can anyone give me ideas for a specific visualization to help?Β  He is really wearing me down and I am beginning to become extremely depressed and losing my desire for anything in life.Β  I work full time and I am taking evening classes, so I am working hard to free myself but it does not seem like anything is going to happen for a few years until I get my degree and find a better paying job.Β  I have been selling everything I own to get more money and try to pay down some debt, which I am working on digging myself out of.Β  My car has 240k miles on it and I'm scared to death that if it breaks down I will really be trapped because I have no extra money to buy one or even make payments.Β  My credit score dropped when I closed my accounts and my debt to income ratio was too high.Β  I feel trapped and miserable and I try so hard to visualize and stay positive but he is so oppressive.Β  I have to hide my LOA stuff from him because he laughs at it and thinks I'm crazy to believe.Β  Everything I do is the wrong thing, he literally follows me around the house telling me the stuff I do wrong.Β  I'm clumsy, I spill things, I drop things, I'm damaging the house by dropping utensils on the hardwood floor (by accident when I'm washing dishes).Β  It's just a constant barrage of negativity from him.Β  And I feel lonely because we don't have a real relationship.Β  We don't touch, we don't spend time doing things together.Β  I cringe whenever he comes home because I know I will either be ignored and treated like a servant, or criticized.Β  Please help me pull out of this, I need ideas.Β  I feel blocked and I know that by even typing this I am saying negative statements but I just want to give you an idea of my situation.Β  Thank you to anyone who can help.Β Β 


8/05/2019 4:20 pm  #2

Re: I need help - emotionally abusive relationship

Do you know a concept called "everyone is you pushed out? your husband is doing what you believe deeply, you can change it from inside. Read Neville Goddard to learn it.


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