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6/27/2019 1:03 pm  #1

Can't type it all out fast enough! Ideas a bombarding me again.

Hiya everyone..
How are all of you doing? Hope there's some happy manifesting going on?
So, a couple of days ago, I came to a little bit of a standstill with my website. Everything is going just great with it, but I realised It was taking off, and I was still running behind trying to catch up. As Esther Hicks says "I need to get up to speed with my manifestations". What an amazing position to be in though. It honestly is!

Well, yet again the ideas have been bombarding me from all directions. The only time I haven't had a notebook by my side was this afternoon at my niece's sports afternoon and then shopping. As soon as I was in though I was jotting notes down. This is all very well, but I seem to have rather a lot of notes scribbled everywhere now haha.Β 

So, for now, I have lots of ideas for shorter articles, so not quite my 4-5k words which I have a tendency to doΒ 
Instead, as well as working on my newer posts, I will be having a revamp, a mop chop and crop of my older posts, making many into two, and knowing me probably rewording parts of them.Β 
Then there is going to be a beginners guide... The whole thing you need to know - The basics. Freebie maybe? Who knows yet. But oh boy, it's fun fun fun on the journey.Β 
Anyone fancy a read of my oldest/newest blog post, take a look at the homepage in the signature below.

okay time for food, and then back to the laptop. I'm so excited!!!Β Β 

Eve from Best Law of Attraction atΒ https://www.bestlawofattraction.comΒ Why not pop in and say hello!
Much love x


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