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5/23/2019 9:25 am  #1

Completion Stg + Other Manis

Love to all.

1. On the way of this journey of my SP. Feeling now .. ok all our dreams fullfilled. Now what?Β 
This is on its way in this 3 D world.Β 

2. Manifested new career debut , new domain : denied, still req to work on. cz they loved my work. They wanted me only ! I asked for more than doubleΒ  money. Agreed. With time extension And I am lead role Β 

3. All together living new life, new feelings and ppl around. Lots of new things in life.Β 

4. Recently manifested SHOWERS OF MONEY.Β 

5. In meditations, I am being taken to situations, events in past..future.Β 

I am going to update here What's next to this.Β 
** Offering FREE help for anyone who needs. I speak truth, what my god tells me. But it's for LOVE.
Β  Β To spread Love.Β  Everyone may not resonate with everyone. So, that's ok. Read this before reaching me. **

Thanks & Love  ​
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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5/29/2019 8:03 am  #2

Re: Completion Stg + Other Manis

reading Neville. Positive. Happy. Seeing his name all over. Now Am attracting him so much , am Sure
Excited to update more here

Thanks & Love  ​
Feel free to PM for anything else.
Skype (Love&Light444)
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