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5/22/2019 12:28 am  #1

Possibly set back the manifestation process

I was doing okay with self love and meditating in order to get my ex back however before when she first got into a relationship a couple months ago I wished her well and asked her if we could only talk again if we could try again and I was going to wait patiently, however yesterday I saw a picture of her and her new boyfriend and panicked and wanted to try to get my things mailed back to me thinking she's moved on when contacting her I asked her if she still had thoughts and feelings for me and her response was i shouldn't ask her that when she's in a committed relationship and told me to take care and has now blocked me, unfortunately this was all impulse after a slight panic attack and I just wanted an answer to whether she still loved me or had a chance with her, I do need some help, thank you


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