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1/27/2020 11:45 am  #11

Re: Some success but now confusion

So an update: last week I have begun to let go of the entire ex situation and just find inner peace.Β  Thinking about her less, thinking more about my future and where I want to go in terms of my career. Lo and behold, open my phone to a follow notification from my ex's alternate work instagram account (secret from her current boyfriend?)Β  I sat with that for about a week and a half and just did nothing. No message no nothing, but she continued to follow.Β  Yesterday night, I wrote her a message saying I noticed the follow and asked if there was a reason for it.Β  She denied any culpability and said she didn't know why it followed me.Β  I just said alright and noted that my instagram never acted like that, but just left it.Β  So yeah....that's where I'm at.Β  Kind of just annoyed and all but curious on all your thoughts of what happened there.


2/24/2020 2:37 pm  #12

Re: Some success but now confusion

Do I still love my ex?


8/24/2020 2:09 am  #13

Re: Some success but now confusion

Β I hope mine come back too. Because i have forgiven her mistake. Loads of love and happiness to you.


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