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5/14/2019 10:40 am  #1

Past revision

Hello. I have a crazy question regarding past revision. I have been applying Neville's teachings and I have enough faith in it to believe that I am God in my world. I have manifested some noteworthy things, even my preferred weather in a place which was supposed to be blazing by this time of the year. I really do not know any limits to this. Before I ask a question, I am going to share something. My best friend's late brother died at a very young age. And I always had a knowing that he was going to leave us early. Back then, I did not know the power of the mind. Otherwise, I would have believed in something different and positive. Taking parallel realities into consideration, I believe he is dead because I knew it was going to happen and I believed it to be true. And that's exactly what I got. Of course I do not beat myself up about it now. But I really do wonder sometimes, if I revise the past somehow, what could be the possible outcome of it? I hope you are getting what I mean by this. I know it is crazy. I would like to receive answers from people who seriously practice Neville's teachings. Thank you.Β 

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5/14/2019 11:29 am  #2

Re: Past revision

In Neville's lecture, 'Awaken, O Sleeper', he mentioned a man who was told by a doctor that he wouldn't live for more than 3 weeks without a heart transplant. He had the heart transplant operation and died 18 days later. Neville goes on to say in so many words that people die when their time is up and nothing and nobody can change that.  You didn't kill the person by imagining their death, and you can't bring them back to life by revising anything. According to Neville, nobody dies anyway. He claimed to have had various people who had 'left this sphere', as he put it, appear to him at about the age of 20, including his mother, no matter how old and horrible they had looked at the time of their death. His mother had died of cancer, and he said she looked about 90 when she died, when she was actually only 61 or 62.

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