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8/17/2019 4:24 am  #131

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

Post 111 there are tips mostly. I can't share pointers because I'm not an expert, it's work in progress. What has worked for me might not be something that you enjoy. Techniques shouldn't feel like a burden and it shouldn't make you feel the absence of what you desire. And there's no right or wrong way of doing this. Everything works if you feel it does.


8/20/2019 2:55 am  #132

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

Awesome story. I'm in a similar situation but I need a real miracle. I'll start a thread and start posting.


8/20/2019 8:28 am  #133

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

I wanted to ask you something. You said you called him first. Isn't it considered interfering the situation, I mean that I thought I should just let it go and let things happen instead of trying to control them. I am really happy that things worked out for you two, but i am concerned that I shouldn't contact my SP and let him reach out to me. Whats your opinion?


8/20/2019 12:36 pm  #134

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

In my mind I was already dating him. The break-up never really happened. 2 hours before I called him, I was at a party with my colleagues, telling them how amazing our relationship was. Not even for a second it felt like a lie. While returning I had an urge to call. It wasn't desperate, it felt natural for me to call him because we were in a relationship and I was travelling alone in the middle of the night at it felt like the most amazing thing.

The funny thing is, he had blocked me on text. He had said I was blocked on phone too. I didn't check for 3 months but on messenger I was blocked, I could see that. When he received my called, he actually accused me of taking so long to remember him. It was almost like the breakup had been reversed.

My point is - it's reversible. Completely. I don't know how it functions. It takes persistence. But you'll know when it's done. Not even once I felt scared or nervous while calling him. Calling him seemed like the most natural thing to do as a committed woman travelling alone ( and quite drunk if I can add) in the middle of the night

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8/20/2019 4:43 pm  #135

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

You are amazing! I mean it, You are really so persistent, I envy you in this :D It makes sense to me that as long as you were already dating him it was okay to call him, but I would feel afraid to do so...I guess it takes time to get into this state of mind. Also your story proves that everything is possible It makes me so happy to know that you are happy


8/22/2019 9:20 pm  #136

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

Kasper80 wrote:

I hear ya...last night I was up at 4:45 am crying because I wanted to just forget about him lol...for me...I need to focus on self love and controlling my emotions..because really--If I am wanting him one day then angry the next..he is gonna feel that..which explains why he hasn't responded to me inย  few I tell myself chill the F out woman and relax!! I mean..if I truly believe this is the man I'm going to marry then I need to have faith that things will work out...and respect his need to take some time...everyday is a learning lesson and I will try this 25 day challenge. but emotions are what hurt me I'm a Pisces for Christ sake and we are VERY EMOTIONAL....ugh... but this is my baby..and I love him enough to stop reaching out and just give him time to think. we are what we feel...and If im constantly hot and cold..he will be too....

My guy always said he needs lots of personal space and time, but I'm already in another continent...
Every time I want to give up, he reaches out, and then we talk as a couple (but he reminds me that we are not a couple everyday despite I don't say or imply anything about it, I guess he's trying to remind himself), and after few days he probably feel like suffocated and I felt so sad and want to give up, then he reached out.
This cycle has repeated few times and I don't think it will stop..
How can I break the cycle?

โ˜… If everything that can happen, happens. Then we can never really do the wrong thing. We're just doing what we're supposed to. ๐Ÿˆ
โ˜† Don't be sad that it's over, be glad that it happened. ๐ŸŒŸ Learn to let go and be clear of where you really want to head for.ย ๐Ÿฆ„
โ˜…ๆ“ๆœ‰็š„้ƒฝๆ˜ฏๅƒฅๅ€–๏ผŒๅคฑๅŽป็š„้ƒฝๆ˜ฏๅฎฟๅ‘ฝใ€‚๐Ÿ”ฎ ็œ‹ๆธ…ไบ†ๅฐฑ็œ‹่ผ•ไบ†ใ€‚ๆ™‚้–“่ฎ“ๆทฑ็š„ๆ›ดๆทฑ๏ผŒๆทบ็š„ๆ›ดๆทบใ€‚๐Ÿ’ƒ

8/25/2019 11:41 am  #137

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

I was reluctant to post this because, well, as usual, unlike popular belief, sharing problems doesn't help, makes things worse. But hey, as you keep going up a level, the tasks keep getting tougher and it just takes your skillset to the next level.
This forum, with all its good and bad has been a huge turning point in my life where I've actually grown. Many thanks to some of the amazing people who constantly take the effort to help others and give advice. So I turn back here from time to time. Because at the end of the day, we all want to have and amazing life and having a few cheerleaders on the way always makes the route feel smoother.

I'll be honest, I can get a bit messy when I have multiple things going on. When it comes to things of the mind, I am damn focused. One thing at a time. Meditation has helped me a lot. In life in general.
With my man, (I am all cool about calling him my husband even now, because I can hear it loud and clear that this is THE bridge of events and this is IT) there was trouble in paradise. My insecurities do pop up and with time crunch at work, I dropped my game too. And naturally he reached, he's just me pushed out in the end. And I kept patching it out somehow but I could feel the tension in me growing and I noticed it grow too. I won't go into details of what happened, but it's pretty huge, and my old self would have cried my eyes out by now. I'm proudly typing, because what I did last night makes me so PROUD that I can't boast enough. First, I revised the scene on spot as much as I could. I filtered out all the unwanted information as quickly as I could. I didn't flutter, my voice didn't crack. I wasn't shaking. Not a tear. I was so calm that when I look back, I shudder. Even he's not processed my reaction to be honest. For the first time I saw him grow pale. I raised my head, left and blocked him from everywhere. Because I am first priority and I am so rare and perfect that my object of affection begs me to marry him.

Again it's all the story in my head. I write. I script it. So here's the story. I've known he loves me. Dearly. So far, he was even willing to take an unethical route to keep me in his life without even thinking it through. He can't stand it if anyone even touches me with an intent to get close. That way he's possessive. I always knew changes don't happen overnight and it unfolds "organically" but I was being too soft, my bad, those sparkling eyes and that smile melts me very very quick. And I was losing my sats and mental diets game too. I was just doing patchwork - manifesting things piecewise. Oh he's not taking, let's make him talk. He's not texting, let's make him text. Wrong idea. Micromanagement is shitty way to go about things.

Now I can't stress on this enough. Watch your thoughts. I mean what manifested yesterday was a product of my fear in February and March. FFS, it did happen when I let it go. I can't facepalm myself enough for this. I wasn't in a shock last night. Internally I was like "damn you woman, look what have you done". THOUGHTS ARE IMPORTANT. You can do SATS all Day Long if you want to but it won't do anything unless you control your thoughts. I didn't do SATs to manifest this!

Now back to why I'm here. No, I'm still enroute. I'm married to him. If my fears from Feb and March have manifested, all the work I've done is definitely manifesting too. It's just proof that my work is done. And also, if I go by logic, what I needed for this marriage to happen was a drastic change in his attitude towards people who have pestered him all life long. And I am the only one who could trigger that. Now the events unfolded in such perfect timing that it's actually even perfect to the timeline I had estimated. End of 2019- Early 2020 official engagement. 3rd quarter of 2020, marriage ( which reminds me, I need to start saving). He's going to boil. I had warned him of witnessing the side of me that has caused me to get a 600% pay hike in less than 4 years of my career-my "I get what I want" side. I've cut off the side he believed was constant.

So here's what's happening next - He boils, he stands up to his family, gets me that ring that I've imagined. Tells me that I'm the only one for him and he can't spend a day without me. Then whatever has to unfold in the middle happens. Then we marry. And we happily settle together. This is the perfect in between bridge and it's helped me stand up to my true potential. Does it hurt, yes, a bit. Because again, I'm human. And I love him. And I could see the hurt I caused him. Do I regret it? Absolutely not. I've done the right thing. Could it have been avoided, me blocking him? - Yes. Definitely. I did it to filter unwanted information. If I stay, I'll hear **** I don't need to hear. I'll succumb. I haven't blocked him out of anger, I harbour only good feelings for him because he is me pushed out. I blocked him to get the power in my hands, to control my thoughts from following his movements. And yes, I've blocked him because I feel I deserve to be chased and this is my time to shine.

Apologies for the rambling though lol. Too much in my head to check spellings and fix grammar

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8/26/2019 1:00 am  #138

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

And the series of weird coincidences have already begun !m!

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8/26/2019 7:51 pm  #139

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

Hello everyone!

I'm Amanda, and I am committing to this game for the next 30 days. I will update here daily. I recently hung out with my SP, but I intend to manifest a full-fledged committed relationship with him!ย 

I will officially start tomorrow, but here is a little entry about today, anyway:
Today I woke up, and saw that he read my message on Whatsapp, but no reply. Last night he asked me how the pool party I went to was, and I replied asking him how his weekend went. Not sure why I haven't got a reply yet, but I will ignore this. I intend for F to chase ME, and want a relationship with me again! Tonight I am going to do Lanie's Love Spell (just for fun/experiment). Willย  update tomorrow!



9/11/2019 12:03 pm  #140

Re: Started the challenge today. Desire help with letting go

So yeah. I crashed. I was on the right track ( now that I think about it I realised how perfectly orchestrated it was, anyway, forget it lol, happens, I recovered later so no harm done). I reacted pretty badly like my old self and anyway. But to be honest, I always knew ( or it was sorta hard-coded in my head because of the society I've grown up in) for the deal to get sealed, there would have to be a second round of soul searching no contact. But unlike last time, I'm having fun. I've taken up new hobbies which I wanted to, I've been experimenting with methods to stop self sabotage ( let's get real, even marriages flop big time if you aren't careful, there's no real security outside yourself ). For a second I thought I'd date...I opened the dating profile and then after scrolling thought a thousand faces, all I could think about is how my man is better than all of them combined lol. So I shut it out. Had to do it. Might as well be sure of my reasons to hold on. I sorta love no contact than a half baked cake because no contact gives me the time to focus on myself, this way I don't have to worry about how things will get rearranged, the only thing I know is, the next time I see him in my 3d reality, he's going to ask me to be with him together for eternity. So what's a few days of no contact when compared to a lifetime of togetherness? And not just SP, this is about our whole lives. Now I can live peacefully knowing that I have the power to change anything I want to. Why would I like to give that up? Hell I've spent my life looking for this, now that I've found it, I'm mastering it. And mastery requires effort, there will be situations like this but yeah, it's all a part of the learning process. It requires persistence. It requires you to stick to your goal even when something looks like a failure. Because with the law, there is never a failure. If we learn how to hold on with all our might, there's never scope for failure.

I post quite rarely because I've found that the best way to build confidence is by playing around with manifestations. I surely enjoy my free gifts and the pampering. And quite naturally, there's this new buzz going around amongst my friends and family, that if I set my eyes onto something I get it. Lol. I didn't need external proof, I succeeded my experimentation. Now even if I actually try and discuss my situation, the same friends who would discourage me from pursuing my man say things like you'll get him anyway, we trust you etc. After all,

"True discovery lies within"

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