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4/07/2019 5:48 am  #1

A happy high flying Sunday :)

Good morning all and happy Sunday to you all. I was awake a lot earlier than I expected to be today. Am feeling really good again this morning and ready to get to work. I call it work, but it isn't really. More of a hobby I guess. As I love it so much. I have complete gratitude for my 'work' this morning and knowing that I can spend my days doing just what I love to do. Perfect.
Last night, I was browsing through and I found a good recommendation for an app on my phone, with affirmations on. Well, I love to try out all these things I stumble across, and I fell asleep listening to it. It must have been very relaxing. I even left my Tia Coffee untouched on the side  ... A pretty good find I would say. I will try it a little more and possibly think about doing some reviews on LOA apps etc on my site ?! Hmmm.  There's a thought. I had someone approach me yesterday and ask me to do a review on something, and I am thinking about that. I reckon this is another sign   Thank You  
So back to my 5 x 55 post today. I am still looking for a success story. I have someone's non-success story I want to include, but I want a successful one too. I feel it's cheating my readers writing my own ones out haha.  So I trust you are all having a happy Sunday, whether you have just got up, it's the middle of the day, or you are winding down for the evening/night. Much love 

Eve from Best Law of Attraction at Why not pop in and say hello!
Much love x


4/07/2019 12:45 pm  #2

Re: A happy high flying Sunday :)

Happy sonday to you too, you're doing it great, congratulations :D 


4/07/2019 3:43 pm  #3

Re: A happy high flying Sunday :)

Thank you so much Kavilk I really appreciate your support

Eve from Best Law of Attraction at Why not pop in and say hello!
Much love x

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