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4/06/2019 8:25 am  #1

A smile, another day, a smile, another blog post, a smile, a happy me

Yep, I have sat today, without distractions and completed my next blog post. This one is manifestation stories that are true. It is part TWO of it, as I keep getting sent stories.There will be a part three, but I will do something different next to make a change. I am actually considering a post on 5 x 55 as I seem to be seeing an awful lot about this lately and someone has even contributed a story involving it for me.  Who knows?. All I know is that I am a happy bunny, and I want to write write write, so who knows what I will come up with next? I don't yet! That's the fun of it all for me. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading it for those of you that have links and if you don't' and you want then please do then let me know.  Have yourselves a wonderful Saturday guys and gals xx

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