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3/26/2019 1:08 pm  #1

I want to get my ex lover back

Hi veronica mam i want to get my ex lover back in my life my ex is dating with someone else n we had broken since 2 months ago but i still have feelings for him i love him very much n i wanna get him back in my life plzz mam help me actually there are another issues also when we broke up things remained so desperate soo ugly between us our relation was also turned into abusive relationship as he didn't told to this parents about our relationship n when i asked him to tell his parents about us he clearly said no n then he started ignore me n one day he told me that he is in relationship with another girl then i was in great anger i was filled with anger n then went to his parents to complaint against him to them soo in that way all the things remained more n more ugly n out of my control i know mam i did too much mistakes in that mean time but now i want him back in my life because i love him very much so is it possible mam plz plz plz help me n respond to me as soon as possible i shall be very much thankful to you.


3/27/2019 2:29 pm  #2

Re: I want to get my ex lover back

This is in the wrong area. This section is to give information about forum guidelines. There is a specific ex back section which you would be better posting in.

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