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3/15/2019 11:36 am  #1

Looking for some true LOA money stories to include in my site pls

Good afternoon all. I have a massive favour to ask of you all. Please Please Please - I am asking for some volunteers that would be willing to message me on here or direct with some of their money stories in connection to the law of attraction and money. Success stories, or where you could see you were manifesting bad luck financially. Anything that I can share with my readers. I have my own stories to tell, but I would love to include some from others. If you have a successΒ story, then do you know what happened in the lead up to it? Were there any blockages holding you back beforehand that you changed? How did you manifest the money into your life? I'm not talking massive amounts of money necessarily. I want true life so small or large amounts, life-changing amounts even. Just a paragraph or two. I won't be able to use all but I would like to pick a few to share.. Thanks, everyone and I can't wait to see what responses I get. I just could do with another one or two please.. Thanks

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