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2/06/2019 7:36 pm  #1

Little Manifestations Getting Me Closer to My BIG Manifestation!

Hi guys! Posting on here for the first time, been watching Veronica and other LOA videos on Youtube for about a month and wanted to share my the little steps toward getting my big desire to come true. Apologies if this is long, I know not everyone likes long posts, but I felt like sharing will give me even more strength, and I hope my story can help someone else not give up - seeing and giving thanks for the little manifestations helped me from giving up!

Back story, I am a mid-20s gal and a musician who recently graduated with my Masters degree in classical vocal performance. I am admittedly a little lost on what to do now from a professional standpoint, but getting hopeful due to some recent manifestations (more on that later!). I am also dealing with some very painful health issues that I don't want to get too deeply into. At the end of November, my boyfriend broke up with me, in part due to my health condition as it made intimacy very difficult. It was a crushing blow and I fell into a deep depression for most of December. At the beginning of January I discovered Veronica's videos and it gave me hope that I could bring what I wanted into my life: My boyfriend coming back, my health being restored, and my professional success! Admittedly my main focus has been on my love life. I visualize multiple times a day, write affirmations, keep a picture of us on my phone to send him love, and most recently started gratitude journaling every morning, writing down everything I'm grateful for and exactly how I want him to contact me. These things make me feel so happy and powerful. I also really love Amanda's (Create Your Future on Youtube) techniques of turning any doubt into a positive intention, which has helped to quell my own worries!

Anyway, here are the little manifestations.

About 2 weeks ago, and about 2 weeks into trying to get him back (and still probably doubting and obsessing, thus not really doing it right!) I was walking home from a fitness class. It had been a hard day, I'd sung my first audition in months and I hadn't felt confident about it, but I was happy from the exercise and feeling uplifted by the cool night air and clear sky. Thoughts of my boyfriend came into my head. I had watched an LOA video that day that said that true love is loving someone even if they are not with you. I said to myself "You know what, ok. I love him, he needs to figure some stuff out right now. He will come back at the right time. I'm glad I did that audition today and each audition will get better. The Universe has my back and will work with me." This was the first time I really experienced "Letting go." Not a minute later, I crossed paths with a woman walking the opposite direction. She stopped and said "Excuse me, do you sing for the church?" I sing for a church in my town, and I have unnatural colored hair so I guess I stand out "Uh yes. Why?" "I just wanted to let you know you are an amazing singer!" Goosebumps! The timing couldn't be any more perfect, it sounds like I made it up but I promise it's true. Maybe it's crazy, but I choose to thing of this as the Universe reacting to my last thought. It may not have been an intentional manifestation, but it steeled my resolve to not give up!

My other manifestation are much smaller, but important to me because I feel I purposely manifested them. The first happened this week. On Sunday I decided, just for fun, to mentally make a list of three people I wanted to message me. So far, one texted me and we talked on the phone for over an hour. The other contacted a friend when I was hanging out with me so I think she will contact me soon haha!Β 

The next one is vaguer but significant. Over the month, while focusing on my boyfriend, I focused on images of us happy together, and in every visualization I am cured and healthy. In my visions I talk about how happy I am that I am cured and he is happy for me too. I write every morning how grateful I am to be getting better. If I ever begin to have a flare up or worry about my condition, that it won't go away, that nobody will love me again, that he won't come back because of it, etc., I would immediately stop that train of thought and tell myself "I intend to get better. I am healing. I am healthy. I am strong." My pain has drastically decreased in the last month. I have discovered dietary changes that have brought down my pain, and I believe that the calmness and happiness that my visualizations bring have helped the pain as well. Where I used to have to use medication 4 times a day, I've only been using it once a day now! I give thanks for my progress every morning and I have made a new intention for those negative thoughts - "I will be healed in 6 months or less!"

Finally, today I had a voice lesson today. The lesson I had last week was very frustrating, I struggled with technique and overall felt like I was hitting a brick wall. So I didn't feel confident waking up today. I recognized those thoughts and decided to change them. I wrote in my gratitude journal, "I am so happy and grateful to the Universe that I have a voice lesson today. It's going to be great and I know I will have a breakthrough." I thought of this my whole journey to my lesson and sure enough, my lesson was great! And I did have a breakthrough! All of the techniques I had struggled with were easily fixed! Even my voice teacher seemed impressed. It all suddenly made sense! I left feeling happy and confident.

So those are my little manifestations. In the movie The Secret, somebody says something along the lines of "When you're grateful for what you have, you forget you are lacking anything" and giving gratitude every day gives me strength and joy, even as a script my big manifestation of bringing my boyfriend back. Changing my perspective and focusing on happiness has made a huge difference. I know my text from my boyfriend saying that he misses me is coming, and it will come at the perfect time. Seeing some little and even bigger manifestations come true makes me even more grateful for my life. I'm living for myself and my own empowerment, working out, eating right, working on my career and giving thanks every day. Of course, all of my other manifestations were easier to "Let go" of than my big one, and it's hard to truly let go of my biggest wish, but I am doing my best to live in the end and love myself, and I know my desire will come true. I hope these stories helped someone else, and I look forward to posting my success story someday soon. I intend for every one of us to have success and get our desires! Say it to yourself: I am Powerful! I am Strong! I am Worthy! And believe it because it's true! Love!

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Re: Little Manifestations Getting Me Closer to My BIG Manifestation!

Love & wishes

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