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2/05/2019 8:47 am  #1

OMG>Unbelievable !!! Within 1 hr or less !!!

Additions to my post below
After digesting really I DID THAT ...writing this.
This was surprising shock to me as well ! I slept early without dinner .. !! Really ? I did this much huge stuff ?
I have many many manifestations till today, this was biggest till now in visible world and in short time. 

I actually did ( remembered when i was htinking what did i do )
I got that message. I saw. I denied believing & accepting. 
No. It's not true. I have my profile there and am enjoying

This is the key of success. Do you have sp manifestation? no communciation?
Deny what your 5 senses telling you now. Be in a desired state. 
Don;t believe you have had a breakup. This is Neville. 

 I am going to do the same for myself now.  Let's expect one more success story for me. 
My original post stars from below. This was editing & commenting. 

I did this !
unbelievable !

One of my cutest social network profile, which is not related with my desire that am manifesting now
but it's my self love  my space i created. For myself. 
That account got suddenly suspended. I was shocked. I applied to activate.
I got email to do so & so. I decided not to do that. 
I simply stopped thinking about that. I said let me relax. 
I had a call with LOA friend, i told friend that
Neville Says it's all cousciousness.
All around world......... Whatever crimes happening, we read in newspapers.
We react to that unknowingly, manifesting unwanted things. 
So, It's some one's counciusness that might hv created this suspension. 
But I am not going to pay attention to that and not going to do anything
in email. Doesn't matter. 
fraction of sec I just said a line, I have my account v well over there & I love 
that profile.  "
I cut that call. And within 20 min, my another friend texted me with screen shot
that my account has been activated. !
Self Love, Believe, Live in the end, NEVILLE..........
I literally shouted loudly ( was home alone , saying ) NEVILLLE>. I LOVE U> 

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Thanks & Love  
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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2/05/2019 1:47 pm  #2

Re: OMG>Unbelievable !!! Within 1 hr or less !!!

Well done, congratulations!! 


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