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2/02/2019 1:07 pm  #1

positive attract positive? I dont think..

I already dont believe positive vibes attract a more positive things and negative vibes negative things.. when I was happy so a few days later happened always something what change my mood ..Im  afraid be a happy. Always when Im happy so Im know that it will happen something this week too. I have a really good mood a 4 days and today its  again bad day and a more thigns seems like they will worse.. and I told myself that I cant afraid , but I dont know how I dont afraid..I dont know how change my belief  that when Im in perfect mood so it will happen something bad..
I want be a happy person in happy relationship and with my dream work, but I dont want live in the end or do visualization etc ..I did these things a many years and nothing  changed...but I stopped do these things and nothing change too..


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