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1/29/2019 10:56 am  #11

Re: ‘Tests from the universe’ thoughts .. ?

excalibar wrote:

fizzy wrote:

Yes, I’d say so. Just continue with what you’re doing. Your goal is to believe that he’s yours. If you know that you are the only person creating your reality and you are consistent with what you are intending to create, you can’t fail.

Does it matter if you can’t visualize the persons voice but you know it’s their voice?

No, it doesn't matter. It can be your own voice. You know who it's intended to be, and that's what matters.

The first man to raise a fist is the man who has run out of ideas.

1/29/2019 11:02 am  #12

Re: ‘Tests from the universe’ thoughts .. ?

I alternate each night between Awesome  AJs meditation to attract a specific person (either the 10 min one or 5 minute depending on how tired I am) and a heart energy mediation.  Whilst I’m sleeping I play a playlist including affirmation videos and subliminals. I also repeat affirmations to myself when I wake up for 5/10 minutes. I’ll post the links to the videos I’ve listen to in next post

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1/29/2019 11:13 am  #13

Re: ‘Tests from the universe’ thoughts .. ?

Excalibur see previous post and here’s the links (fingers crossed they work)

The blockage remover and booster I tend to play when I’m cleaning teeth putting pjs on etc and then I do one of the mediations when I get into bed. The Ex back in 1 day video I try and visualise and generally fall asleep then the rest of playlist goes whilst I’m sleeping.

Btw I know it says ex back in one day but I don’t have this timeframe in mind, I just wanted a binaural to play whilst I visualised.

There seems to be differences of opinions online on how many affirmations/subliminals someone should listen to and that too many slows results, but as these ones have similar affirmations/ don’t contradict eachother I thought I’d just use a fair few instead of looping 1 over and over

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