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1/24/2019 12:14 am  #1

Negative Manifestation - Burning Out Technique

I thought if to share here or no. But I am thinking positively towards this that this will help you to be more cautious. 
I'm learning too.... I have seen reduction in such frequencies of incidences. Although, when am partially manifesting within few hrs, revising that, following Neville's Schedule, on absolute high.......... !!! Still, this happened. 

That was just partial thought (about family arguments) came in my mind yesterday evening... I got aware & said, no am not accepting it. I am not gona give a sec for unwanted things. BUt within 6 hrs max , bedtime especially ( that i tried to prevent , was doing revision of my desire manifestation step , was falling asleep with him....... Still ) That tempted me to call my bro & i ended up in negative talks. Followed by ...... let me not text in details But.......series of events.........No sleep almost, day started with that thought , followed by few phone calls ......... I called & discussed those things. ( Trying my within to stop, couldnt.. )

Finally............... Sat here ... Listened Neville in his original voice, feeling better. 
Did burning out technique. ( Write on peace of paper , blue or black ink , burn it with intentions that these things are gone. ), flew it out in outside air. 

Feeling light, Listening Subliminals to remove negativity. Got strength, mind fluctuations reduced. 
Will be doing my Neville schedule.......... Starting, NOw positive. yey ....... !!!

Remember : " Every Thought Manifest- Neville" Please think so much positive. 
1. Supermoons in succession will bring more changes , fluctuations of mind. we are having 2 more till March. 
2. It's ok to fluctuate, try getting back to normal asap. Am sharing better to share this technique over here that really worked for me....... Doing this since long. It makes me more positive as many of you will get benefit of it. 
3. Be in a STATE........ like a drunken man quick.............. 
4. I learnt 1 comment y'day " negative failure feeling is close to achievement. May be huge energy fluctuations coming to me. 
5. Doing Neville, sleeping technique>>>>>>>>> It's a part of series of events. haha..Surprised & amazed. This writing is making me tingling like peacock feather moving from my body  

Setting myself for meditation now......... 
Thanks veronica for this forum, thanks all for being & contributing here...........
I am thinking of giving grand party to all forum ........... may by sharing excellent story of mine.
Am keeping landmarks here for the same reason. 


Thanks & Love  
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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