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1/21/2019 1:50 pm  #1

hey :) just got the book,any advice?

hey, me and my girl broke up like 5 months ago... i know that she will come back to me because its meant to be this way. i'm starting this journey with a lot of positive feelings ,Β she love me. she was so inlove with me, we fight a lot but we had a wonderful relationship. i love her so much she is the perfect girl for thinking with my heart but with my brain too , and in my brain i know its perfect. in the last time we talked we had a lot of issues, she blamed me for a lot and got mad,it was 3 and half months ago..something like that,and i was so depressed i had a lot of suicidal thoughts but thank to veronicaΒ i'm much better right now. i need you guys please motivate me a little bit , because sometimes i have a lot of doubts, this thing will bring me back the love of my life? i love her so damn much .Β she was scared so much, she always told me before if you will broke with me , i will feel lost , i will feel like i want to kill myself. we broke up because of me..Β i acted like a fool sometimes.but i know who i am , and i can make it with her. im amazing,and i deserve her. this will work for me?thank you all <3


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