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1/20/2019 2:16 am  #1

What does it means? thanks for sharing views

Have anyone experienced partial manifestations coming into 3 D world?

I am hearing congratulations form many people while doing Neville..........
heard from one of my uncle once yesterday and this morning...And after 
doing this morning, within 1 hr, that uncle visited home. 
He wanted to see my family members bt only i was at home. 
he came surprisingly, we had a good talk 10min and he left. 

He is not my dear uncle or so...... but...patial manifestation into 3 D, 
​afain within 24 hrs....... !!!  Anyone can suggest what does it means?

2. Vero says manifestations come into world step by step.

3. And I have also experienced 
many times partial manifestations, like food we are eating togehter>>that food comes to me,
though not both together eating that. Also wrote here about rose flower. I thought & i received. 
By other. but within few hrs. 

4. What can we positively look and say at these things?
5. ANyone experiencing same?

Thanks & Love  
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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