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12/25/2018 3:34 pm  #1

He came to me when I totally forgot about him!

Hey there... I hope my success story inspires you! Two years ago I fell for a very nice guy who lived in another city.... We were working for the same international company and we met at annual meetings. I know he liked me too but he was dating another woman.. We never spent private time together, just platonic friends but since he knew my interest, he withdrew, even sometimes behaved rude and rejected my intentions.. I dreamed for months that he was coming to my city to see me, we were meeting in a very famous hotel in town and doing a very romantic river crusie together! Time passed and I forgot about him.. I stopped dreaming and fantasizing and went on with my life happily... Last mont he called me unexpectedly, he said he wanted to come to my city and see me!! We met at the famous hotel which I dreamed about, we did a river cruise, we had a very romantic dinner and then I left saying goodbye to him!! He was shocked. He was so sure that I would stay with him but since I lost all my feelings for him, I rejected him.. You see! This LOA and all these techniques really work! But you should completely let go.. I think my feelings for him were not forever so it was easy to let go.. I don't know how I can do the same with a true love whom you can never forget about!! This is the challenge and the problem I believe...Β  Β Β 


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