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12/21/2018 7:58 am  #1

I am Married effortlessly, Instantly with him :)

Hie...... !!
Lots of love to all.....
Its really awesome sharing with you all. I am married with him ! It literally took place instantly as I knew that from within. My story is awesome, yeah.......a bollywood story truely with addition of spirituality.
Background , must be noted here. >>>We both were like a magic when we met 1st time. Lierally like Disney's animated movie.... And we got tangled in few so called things around sounded like a barrier. My sweet half , manifested stupid things. I sensed them before, warned him on a phone. He ignored.. Next day, my sayings came true. Then was more than 1 yr, no communication.Β 

After my work on myself, I saw world changing around me. Suddenly we got in contact. It was initiated by me ..literally it was very cool , no expectations. I was on call with him messager but actually using that as my mirror from lapi while working. Suddenly he appeared in chat. This is truth. Not just scripting.Β 

After 6 months of his silently being there, knowing my situation via my texts.. He just gotta know what's going on within him is same as with me. Both are just made for each other & strongly getting pulled towards each other & nothing is there in between other than just LOVE.Β 

He called me one day suddenly, on the messanger we used to use only for both of us.. ;)
He called & said exactly same 2 words as i was hearing before knowledge of LOA in my heart.Β 
We decided to meet at that every couldnt speak..and that wasnt enough. And met at
our regular meeting spot.. oooooooooooooooooowwww...Β And..........

I couldnt resist myself & ran towards him & hugged him sooooooo tight... He manifested that i know this today
cz he always used to say this on phone before our no communication stage..." u will do that.. u wna do that ? u will do in that way only.. etc.. "

and what.....happy ending like bollywood movie.Β 
literally things , life turned upside down in a single moment.Β 
our further plans were ready. I shared with him on chat. So,we jst executed that.. instantly.Β 

And writing this today......Β 
being Mrs. xxxxxxxx Β 

Love is the most powerful energy in the universe. Pure love always wins.Β 
Trust, believe yourself, your sweet half, your love & Gods, universe.Β 
Happy ending is always there .......

I am proud, happy to have awesome love story in my life. Unlike regular so called
marriages. Suits my personality, my life in true ways....... just full of love & Only love.Β 

Wish you all happy manifesting........
Quick manifesting tooo.......

Thanks & Love  ​
Feel free to PM for anything else.
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