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12/05/2018 9:49 pm  #1

I got exactly what I wanted again

I recently bought a new tablet with a significant discount given to me because I was going to trade in an old one. I also got a small gift card that didn't amount to much and didn't matter much to me. I hadn't been able to send in the trade in, and in the meantime the old tablet started working again, more often than not, so I really wanted to keep it, but I didn't want to have to pay the amount of the discount back in order to do so, which is what I'd thought would happen.

All I was trying to do was to get some cooperation from the company to make it easier for me to send in the trade in to them.  They were making things very difficult at first, but I persisted, and I ended up finally talking to a supervisor.  She told me that if I didn't send in the trade in, she would make sure and make a note in my account not to charge me for the discount I was given and that all they would charge me for was the small amount of money for the gift card, so even though that wasn't what I asked this company for, it was exactly what I'd wanted and what I got.

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