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11/30/2018 2:28 pm  #1

Manifesting A Prince (Reddit Story)

This story has been shared with permission of the user from the Neville Goddard subreddit!  I thought it'd be a good one to share here as a way to prove all is possible!

*Disclosure: I love my boyfriend for who he is, I didn’t even know he was a prince when we started talking.I’m really a private person so this is hard for me to post but I really want to show you that THIS STUFF WORKS
.It all started with the fever around the royal wedding in May, I thought it was really romantic Harry and Meghan seem truly in love and I got truly caught up in all of the excitement which of course Eugenie’s wedding only fuels the fire even more. I have never really wanted to be a princess (not even as a child) it doesn’t seem a like a real career choice besides I love democracy and study politics at university. I have always wanted to return to my home country and do good there, work for the UN or become a diplomat (that was the plan) and do lots of charity work but the royal wedding really got me fantasizing what it would be like to fall in love with a prince and have a royal wedding
.So just for fun I made some Pinterest boards and began pinning pictures of tiaras, royal orders, gowns, palaces etc. I would often do this when I came home from work/Uni at night just before bed. Than in a tired and sleepy state I would begin imagining that that was really me and really my lifestyle. I would fall asleep imagining myself wearing a lovely gown and tiara stepping out of a limousine to the roar of flashing cameras to the point it became so vivid that I could here the cameras click and the feel the flash blinding my eyes. It was really amazing, in the pitch black of my bedroom at night I could see the photographers and feel the flash! I did this since May.At the start of this month, I added someone on my recommends list on social media (I honestly assumed I knew him somehow since he is from my home country and that is how I communicate with my family back home).He immediately began messaging me and we chatted, I found him to be so charming and sweet, he would always send me little notes through out the day even though we live in different time zones. About two weeks in (I know this is going fast) he asked me to be his girlfriend and revealed he was a prince! (Yes I double checked and verified his claims) it was so crazy! I remember just sitting there laughing. I love him so much and I was gonna be his girlfriend anyway but now he also happens to be a prince? Anyways the month is almost over and we are making plans to spend the summer together. I think this worked because I didn’t take it too seriously, I don’t need to be a princess (still don’t) and please remember my imagined scene still hasn’t happened yet. However I am excited for the summer and doing tons of research as well as trying to become fluent. I don’t know what will happen in the future I am just so lucky to be dating an amazing guy

TLDR: made a royal wedding Pinterest, been pinning and imagining and feeling it real since May, met a guy who turned out to be a prince.


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12/01/2018 2:59 am  #2

Re: Manifesting A Prince (Reddit Story)

The Reddit poster doesn't know her anyway from her anyways (it's anyway, in the same way as you only "get" a coffee if you make it yourself!)

It's an amusing story though. I'm sure we can relate to similar occurrences - I did the same with a car and a job.

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