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9/28/2018 4:23 am  #1

Manifesting invitation from an ex

Hello everyone! First of all - sorry for my poor English, but i really need your help/support. I already asked this question on other forum, but would like to know your opinion on this topic.

I am in the process of manifesting my ex (we broke up last winter), sadly there is no communication between us at the moment, but i'm totally ok with that. i feel fine, have faith and trust in the Universe. My life is happy and usually i feel detached from the results of my manifestation, i mean most of the days, working on self love a lot. But here is the thing: i would like to manifest an fb invitation to the event my ex is hosting. For some reason being not invited made my vibrations weaker (he used to invite me every time even after our breakup - it's the first time i got excluded, have no idea why). What would be the best way to manifest it - in your opinion? Which technique could work best here? Usually i am quite successful at manifesting small things and have a lot of fun with LOA, but the event is so important for me that i am unable to detach fully and so i loose my relaxed state a bit (don't want to overdo it also).

Your help/advice would be appreciated so much! Thank you.


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